The Sopranos Ends

What the hell was that?

The past few seasons have had so much metaphor and imagery (either that, or the writers are just crazy) that most of it has gone over my head.


So Tony isn’t dead, but he’s going to be indicted.  Or so we’re left to figure.  One thing we do know, he likes onion rings.

Meadow can’t parallel park.  I’m not sure why that’s important. 

We got to see several shots of random people in a restaurant.  Not sure why that’s important.

Meadow clearly has something on her mind as she’s running into the restaurant (and trying to park), and Tony is eagerly looking up at everyone who comes in every time the door opens, but when those two meet (ie: Meadow comes into the restaurant and Tony looks up) we don’t see it.  The screen cuts to black silence (I thought my TV was broken, I was ready to scream).  Why?  What does Meadow have on her mind?  What’s Tony looking for?

Paulie Walnuts is, well, nuts.  The cat (what the hell was with the cat?) freaks him out and he’s afraid of a jinx.  But a little rivalry shakes him loose of that.  So after all the agitation and build-up, Paulie does nothing.  Not after scheming with Johnny Sack, fighting with Chrissie, fighting with Tony.  Nothing.

I just don’t get it.

Unless the whole idea was to get everyone thinking that something’s going to happen (please, who didn’t think that the guy in the member’s only jacket that came in with AJ was going to kill Tony, and that Meadow’s road-test failing performance was going to save her life) just to rope-a-dope, and do nothing.  If that’s the case than, blah.  Blah on the entire last three seasons of this show.


2 responses to “The Sopranos Ends

  1. I think you missed the point and respectfully disagree on the “blah-ing”.

    I thought this was a great ending and explained why in my blog.

    By the way – send over your new email when you get a chance. Whoever reads your emails at your old firm is now reading my analysis of last night’s finale that I emailed directly to you after the show.

  2. i heard on the radio this morning a theory that the black-fadeout is meant to be Tony dying. never really watched the show, though, so i have no idea.

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