Jeff, Jimmie and Little E

If Michael Jordan, after his baseball dalliance, had announced that he was rejoining the NBA, just with the Knicks instead of the Bulls, it wouldn’t be as big a deal as this.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. will drive for Hendrick Motorsports next year (and be teammates with Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson).

I mean, if Dick Cheney suddenly joined Al Qaeda…

If Michael Moore joined the Bush Administration as an advisor…

If Roger Clemens, after his time with the Red Sox went to pitch for another AL East team…..(ok, bad example)

You get the picture; this is huge.


9 responses to “Jeff, Jimmie and Little E

  1. General R. Blie

    I don’t get it. Clemens on the Yankee’s is huge because it is a team sport.
    First, you root for the team not the player. Yankee fans had to go from viewing Clemens as a few notches lower than the devil to viewing him as a beloved member of the franchise. (Moves like that destroy some of the fantasy that players have the same emotional interest vested in their team as the fans do). I am guessing that you can count on one hand the number of people who say “I used to hate Earnhardt, but, since I am a huge Hendrick fan, I guess I’ll have to start rooting for him.”
    Second, as an individual sport, the value of the team you are on is much less pronounced. I may be wrong, as I don’t follow NASCAR, but I don’t think Earnhardt is going to start helping Gordon win races. I know there are certain “team” aspects, but racing is still comes down to every man for himself. The primary concern is personal wins and stats, rather than a true team sport where the individual is expected to forgo his own stats for the good of the team (see, “Mr. 3000”).
    Simply put, Earmhardt having a different sticker on his car will likely not have a significant impact on the dynamic of the game or on the emotions of the fans. The same person will cross the finish line first, the same fans will cheer, and no one will remember who else was on his team.

  2. why do you guys keep referring to NASCAR as a sport? The CAR does all the physical activity!

  3. The CAR does all the physical activity!

    That’s just not true. The drivers exert themselves quite a bit, actually.

  4. Despite my enjoyment of NASCAR, I have to admit that calling it a sport is not completely accurate. However, while the car’s engine works the hardest, there is plenty of physical activity involved.

    In addition to the driver’s ability to withstand high temperatures for sustained periods of time in a cramped space, he is also forced to react to changing track conditions (physical and mental), switch gears multiple times each lap and more. Other parts of a NASCAR team are colpetely physical, whether it’s changing four tires in less than fifteen seconds or actually lifting up the side of a car.

    Basically, I wouldn’t quite put NASCAR up there with hockey in terms of physical activity, but It’s not as far fecthed as others believe. In the words of Ricky Bobby “I wanna go fast!”

  5. Who is Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and what is NASCAR? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I am posting this comment to help Noyam set the record of most comments ever to a blog about NASCAR at 6. Congratulations.

    My drive home from work everyday is more challenging than the perpetual left turn of NASCAR driving. Sorry.

  7. Dale Earnhardt, Jr

    NASCAR is not a sport. It’s true that it gets hot in that car, but my momma’s momma was a cook in the deep south and she had to work in an oven-hot kitchen all day, and we didn’t call THAT a sport, either.

  8. My momma can cook grits faster than your momma can, Earnhardt! AND she can withstand a hotter kitchen, too!

    My Pa operated a crane, and he had to sit in a cramped, confined space all day long! We didn’t call THAT a sport, and neither is NASCAR!

  9. Suck it, Trebek!

    Suck it long, suck it hard!

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