Bloomy in ’08

“Any successful elected executive knows that real results are more important than partisan battles, and that good ideas should take precedence over rigid adherence to any particular political ideology.” (NY Times)

And for that, I might just vote for Michael Bloomberg for President.

I mean, that right there articulates perfectly what I’ve felt about government, elected officials and partisan politics for a while. (Like when I said this, “When the country doesn’t just “Vote the Line” we’re all better off.”)

And what would balance a left-leaning former Republican perfectly?  A right-leaning former Democrat. That’s right, let’s not forget that Joe Lieberman is also an independent now.

An all Jewish ticket, that would be awesome.


11 responses to “Bloomy in ’08

  1. I am not huge fan of Bloomberg but considering the crap in the current field of pols running for president and despite having fundemental differences with both I would have no problem voting for a Lieberman (President) / Bloomberg (VP) ticket. I think they are both good/honest guys. I like McCain too (especially his political honesty) but he has the wrong tempermant.

  2. I’m pretty sure that if Bloomberg is running, it’s for President. And since he’d be self-financed, there’s no way he makes himself second banana.

  3. Noam, let’s not forget that it’s not just about getting results, it’s about getting the RIGHT results. I happen to be a fan of Bloomberg as mayor… but as president, would he be more than just a tax-and-spend liberal? Do we have any notion of what his foreign policy would be?

  4. Easy, easy. This wasn’t an official Noy G Endorsement (as coveted as the NYT) of Bloomberg or his policies.

    There are, however, signs that he would be quite different from a”tax-and-spend liberal” considering his “run NYC like a business” model of governance, it’s possible his fiscal policy would align conservatively. And if there’s a way to get a fiscal conservative, social liberal into the White House, without necessarily voting for Rudy (who is really ruining it for me with his pandering to the Republican base, flipping opinions on social issues and incessant harping on the War on Terror as his one issue) and setting the calendar on this country back to October, 2001, then I’m all for it.

    That said, I was just keying on that statement, which I absolutely love.

  5. I agree with that point. But…

    You won’t love that statement when he siphons votes away from the moderate in the general election (be it Rudy or Gore, to the extent that somehow Gore is a moderate when compared to the rest of the field), only to have the hard-line Republican or flower-child Democrat win a plurality and the presidency.

  6. I’m hopeful, though, that Bloomberg will wait until after the primaries before deciding whether or not to run. I think that’s what he will choose to do, because I think, strategically, it gives him the best shot to win. But it also allows him to decide to not enter the race if he realizes that there already is a moderate as a nominee. I think Bloomberg would decline to run against Rudy or Gore. If Rudy is not nominated, I would hope Bloomberg would enter the race because he’d be my next choice.

  7. Yeah, I kind of see that, too. If Rudy gets nominated, Bloomberg is kind of redundant (in a NYC Mayor kind of snap judgment that most people would have).

  8. “I’m pretty sure that if Bloomberg is running, it’s for President. And since he’d be self-financed, there’s no way he makes himself second banana.”

    I agree I just can’t vote for a guy with so little experience in govt. especially if he enters late in the game and only has 12 months to articulate his views. Bloomberg could make a great VP especially if he was working with a like minded president like Lieberman. IMO Bloomberg is not electable as president while Lieberman is. Why not spend $100,000,000 (a drop in Bloomberg’s bucket) to be VP. If I were a serious political player, I for one, would prefer VP. You get all the upside and little responsibility/downside – what’s wrong with that? Either way, I don’t see an Independent ticket going anywhere. The question is which major party candidate such a ticket would hurt and whom it would help.

  9. I’d check out the Best of the Web from this week – (WSJ). Taranto rips into Bloomberg Monday and Tuesday, and he’s on the money.

  10. Noyam:
    U R rite on the $.
    I am totally with you. Mike B is most definitely D Man. “Competence over Ideology” should be the new ground rules for all elected officials.

    Giuliani lost my vote too for his pandering to the Right Wingers and his temperment would be disasterous as prez. Instead, he would be a great head of the FBI.

  11. He’s a good mayor , but voting for him because he’s Jewish? His mother was, his wife wasn’t and how Jewish is his outlook?
    If they marry out it can’t be very high.

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