Nice Try, Dingus

This guy (67-million-dollar-suit Guy) got pwned.

Suffice it to say, at the time that this became publicized, I agreed whole-heartedly with EDS’s take (as I said at the time (see the link to douchebag)).

Now that I’ve read the judge’s decision (courtesy of a link from Above the Law, here), I feel even more strongly.

My favorite part is footnote 6, where the court explains why it allowed the defendants to introduce a Virginia Court of Appeals opinion about this guy’s divorce (which might otherwise have been irrelevant).

This shmuck represents himself and gets to court as often and for as long as he possibly can.  Like this quote from footnote 5:

delayed unnecessarily by the plaintiff’s disproportionate approach to the discovery process and by the plaintiff’s active but largely unsuccessful motions practice.”

A guy like this can continue to wreak that kind of havoc because he’s an attorney and represent himself.  For that reason, he should be disbarred, so he can’t represent himself (or anyone) like this anymore.  And his next lawyer can smack him in the head next time he tries some crap like this.


7 responses to “Nice Try, Dingus

  1. I couldn’t follow any of that post

  2. Either you’re too lazy to click links, or, well, see the list.

  3. there are like a million links in there.

  4. and words that aren’t real words.

  5. you’re such a n00b.

  6. a wha?

    What geek- language is that? Klingon?

    Here, let me write the rest of my comment in a language you’ll understand:

    nuqneH . jIyajbe’

    Or, if you prefer, in Vulcan:
    sanoi danau weh-rom

  7. (Yes, there was some research involved in posting that last comment)

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