Duck Season! Rabbit Season!

Nah, you’re both wrong.  It’s TRADE SEASON!

That time of year when becomes my favorite website (and a close second is the not-as-often updated Rumor Central).

The thing is, this year, I’m going to be more nervous than excited.  I want the Yankees to be seller’s this trade deadline.  Anyone need a lefty hitting outfielder?  We’ve got a Matsui in your size.  Oh, you want more of a leadoff-type?  We have a Johnny Damon in stock.  OBP more your thing?  No problem, we have a (what was Adam’s quote?) “highly-touted…outfielder — known for his great on-base percentage and great eye at the place, with gap-to-gap power.”  Take Bobby Abreu.  Maybe you’re shopping for pitchers?  We have some middle-of-the-rotation guys that can really contribute down the stretch.  Mike Mussina is hungry for a ring.  Need a fresh arm in the bullpen?  Sorry, we’re all out. 

So why am I nervous?  Because the Yankees never become sellers.  They over-buy.  And when they’re struggling, and Cashman can feel the cold steel of the axe hovering over his neck, he’s not throwing in the towel.

So, it’s goodbye Joba Chamberlain, goodbye Ian Kennedy.  Take what you want.  Any other prospects you find appealling?  How about some cash, you want some cash?  Sure, we’ll take your backloaded contracts off your hands and cripple any flexibility we may have had.  No problem.  The Yankees are about winning all the time (TM)!

Crap.  Where is Gene Michael when you need him?

Buy and Build Update: A way for the Yankees to acquire a player, while at the same time building for the future.  (This is an occassion when reading mlbtraderumors breaks my heart, because it won’t come true.)  Trade for Eric Gagne.  He makes your bullpen immeasurably better right now.  Either he’s regained his unhittable-ness, which makes him isntantly your best reliever and the Heir Apparrent to Mo, or he’s not that good and you don’t resign him after the season.  What’s the upside to that, you ask?  Well, if his team fails to resign him, it will receive two compensatory draft picks.  Draft picks is how you restock a farm system.  If I’m not mistaken, compensatory picks are between rounds 1 and 2.  Call them extra-first rounders.  That’s how you rebuild.  Win, win.  The definition of “smart move.”


3 responses to “Duck Season! Rabbit Season!

  1. I wonder how many buyers there are out there for the aged Mussina, his 4.78 ERA, 1.35 WHIP, and 85 ERA+ (I love The Mets, perhaps, but who else?

    Besides, I thought that Mussina, Matsui, Abreu and Damon all had no-trade protection that would need to be waved. A team would really be desperate to have to pay up to acquire any of those guys… and I’m not sure that there are that many contending teams that need outfielders and back-of-the-rotation starters (which is what Mussina would be on any contending team other than the Mets).

  2. No question you’re right, the Yankees don’t have a lot of sellable assets.

    I was just giving a list of players I wouldn’t mind seeing the Yankees trade away.

  3. Got it. But why Matsui? He’s on pace to hit 20 home runs, 100 rbis, with a decent enough batting average and OBP.

    He’s the one outfielder on the Yankees that I would want to keep (if god forbid I had been cursed with an affinity for said organization).

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