The Heir Apparent?

How’s this for an MLB debut?

M Cuddyer struck out swinging/J Morneau struck out swinging/L Ford struck out swinging

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Edwar Ramirez.

Take your time, Edwar.  Mariano has a lot to teach you as his apprentice.  Remember he toiled as a set-up man under Wetteland before stepping into the role for which you are now being groomed.  Don’t think it bad to apprentice under the greatest closer the game has ever known.  You have a tremendous opportunity.  We look forward to great things from you.

OK, so let’s not get so overboard.  But, where did this guy come from?  He’s not a young fireballer like K-Rod (who, by the way, is 25 and has 5 years of major league experience).  He’s 26 and he throws in the low 90’s.  But I watched him pitch yesterday and I was transfixed.  Admittedly, I’m no scout, but he looked really good.  He seemed to have good location and a some great, late movement on his breaking pitch.  And look at his numbers this season in the minors:

3-0, 0.62 in 43.1 IP (24 games).  19 hits, 17 walks and 80(!) strikeouts.

Wow.  80 strikeouts in 43 innings?  That’s 16.62/9 innings.  His WHIP is 0.83. Wow.


2 responses to “The Heir Apparent?

  1. He’s either the greatest overpassed talent because of his minor league stats or something is up.

    Dude is 6’3, weighs only 150 pounds and doesn’t thrown hard – seems like a formula for a pitcher that can be “solved” by major league hitters. Or he could be the next Greg Maddux.

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