I Find That Offensive!

This is so dumb, it’s mildly irritating.

A guy doing a 10-year jolt for armed robbery got 60 days tacked on.  Why?

Because some female hack caught him masturbating in his cell.  “So what,” you say, “if it’s against prison regs, he got caught.”

There’s the rub, see.  It’s not against prison regs.  New criminal charges were brought for indecent exposure.  That’s right, the jury in the case determind that a prison cell is a public place and therefore as subject to indecent exposure laws as Main Street.

Being in prison means you are stripped of certain rights, and I get that.  But to twist things like this is just unfair.  Maybe you could say, for purposes of contraband searches and the fourth amendment that the prisoner has no/limited expectation of privacy in his cell.  But to go so far as to call it a public place?  Leave the guy alone.  Let him get his rocks off.  As long as it isn’t a real firearm, let him clean his rifle.

All because the chick “got offended.”  What the hell was a female prison guard expecting?  Didn’t she ever see Silence of the Lambs?  She should be lucky he didn’t throw it in her face.

(See here via Above the Law)


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