Looking Forward

Yankees Contracts that Expire After the 2008 Season:

(Assuming the Yankees resign Posada and Rivera to longer than 1 year contracts, they are not making this list)

Jason Giambi (after an almost certain $5m buyout) – savings on payroll: $21m

Andy Pettitte (assuming he exercises his 2008 option) – savings on payroll: $16m

Bobby Abreu (assuming the club exercises it’s 2008 option) – savings on payroll: $16m

Mike Mussina – savings on payroll $11m

Carl Pavano (after the Yankees certainly buy out the option for $1.95m) – savings on payroll: $11m

Kyle Farnsworth – savings on payroll: $5.5m

That’s a lot of money tied up with not so productive players.  Clearing Giambi is obviously going to be the hugest impact, but the others will help.  Why?

Well, back in December of 2006, I mentioned that I thought the Yankees were being fiscally prudent so as to let some bad contracts clear in the hopes of getting some roster flexibility.   I threw a name out there.  Turns out I was right.  After the 2008 season, Johan Santana will be leaving Minnesota.  And since he’ll be due for maybe the largest contract ever given a pitcher, figure 6 teams bidding for his services.  And with the roster dumped of a ton of bad money, and the pitching rotation stacked with young, cheap talent, the Yankees will make sure they get him (and it’ll be worth it, since he’ll only be 30).  And yes, I know that the Yankees don’t have monetary contraints.  But it makes it MUCH easier to go after a huge FA if you suddenly have $80 million coming off the books.  EIGHTY MILLION DOLLARS.  And one player, maybe two, in that group will be constributing at the time (Abreu, maybe Pettite).

Imagine this rotation for 2009: Santana, Hughes, Wang, Chamberlain (if the Yankees don’t let Joe Torre destroy him), Kennedy/Karstens/Rasner (whoever makes it; the others as trade bait/bullpen filler).  Man, I’m getting all excited thinking about it.   Change that up a little if the Yankees get Carlos Zambrano this coming off-season; that’s just as exciting, and you dump the back guy in the rotation and go: Santana, Hughes, Zambrano, Wang, Chamberlain.  Wow.  It just looks likely that the Cubs will resign Zambrano.  But maybe not.


4 responses to “Looking Forward

  1. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the ride as the overpaid, underperforming, ball-shrunken Yankees have this year and next to spend in futility!!!

  2. overpaid, underperforming, ball-shrunken Yankees

    This is harsh, but I can’t really quibble.

    this year … to spend in futility

    This is flat-out wrong. The Yankees are certainly in playoff contention, being only 2 games out of the wild card as of this writing. This will be an exciting August/September/hopefully October, and if the Yankees go on a hot streak in October like they are on now, they will be a dangerous team come the playoffs. Sure this year started off bad, but it’s far from “futility.”

  3. Yanks might win this thing by 6 or 7 games… the division I’m talking about – Wild card? won’t even be a close one – Cleveland is not good.

  4. Rotation sounds good – but who will our closer be in a few years?

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