OK, I’ll Do It, Too

It seems this video is on every single sports (and non-sports) blog today.  I’ve seen it on WithLeather, WWTDD, gorillamask and Awful Announcing so far.

Anyway, I saw this on SportsCenter last night, and it is absolutely crazy.  How this guy didn’t break both legs is crazy, and thank god he was wearing a helmet.  Jeez, how is he even alive?


2 responses to “OK, I’ll Do It, Too

  1. This clip went from horrifying, to relieving, to hysterical in about 4 minutes.

    I found something very interesting with about 3 minutes left that has made me laugh non-stop since seeing this video. Unless I am hearing wrong… that might be the funniest line I ever heard.

  2. OMG. That’s insane.

    On that last replay, it looks like he had the presence of mind to twist and fall on his butt. That’s amazing.

    The whole thing is crazy/amazing/nuts at once. Wow.

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