So you’re probably thinking “so that’s where you’ve been.”

Sadly, the answer to that is, “no, that’s where I’m going.”

I just haven’t had a lot to write about lately.  If you’re one of the frequent complainers, start some interesting arguments with me, and I’ll see if I can post about it.

In the meantime, consider this an open call for guest posters while I am away.  I will be checking email, but without enough time to really write new posts.  If you write a post for me, I will cut and paste it into WordPress and post it.

Enjoy Labor Day Weekend.  Being the son of an Ob/Gyn, I grew up thinking this was when a lot of women gave birth.

Now I know it’s just an excuse for one extra day of summer with a very communist sounding name.  Not sure how that made it through the 1950’s, but it did.

Oh, one more thing.  Let’s Go Yankees!


4 responses to “Vacation

  1. Thank God for the Tigers’ and Mariners’ freefalls, or the Yanks would be long out of it. A true cynic would wonder if the Tigers/Mariners are being paid to throw games for TV’s sake.

    Anyway, I think that the Tigers should still regroup and knock the Yanks out of the playoffs. If not, I guess the Angels will take them in 4.

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  3. Ezzie,

    The Yankees have a much better run differential than both teams, which explains why they are ahead. It’s all about the law of averages.

    But unless the Yankees get a consistent 4th or even 3rd starter, you’re probably right about the Yanks/Angels. Either that or everyone gets hot again and they pound everyone else in the Majors into submission.

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