So I’m back from vacation, labor day has passed meaning summer is over and I can’t believe it’s September already.  Which means some very important things coming up.  (Take a trip down memory lane on why I love the fall.)  Like Chagei Tishrei, my birthday, penant race baseball, football season and fantasy football.  Segue….

I had my fantasy football draft this past Saturday night, which I am sure you’re all excited about.  I really like my team and how the draft went.  I got some great players that I targeted and a couple of sleepers that I wanted.  My team has some tremendous upside potential.

Anyway, good to be back.

And apropos of nothing, here’s a hilarious video I saw on WithLeather.


4 responses to “Immaturity

  1. Too bad they don’t give points for potential.

  2. As opposed to the “longest holdout” category, which you seem to have locked up.

  3. My QB has a bye in week 9. JaMarcus will be starting for that week. Oh, and look, Week 9 – “The Devil” vs “Slippery Palms”- Start preparing now…or else

  4. Who’d you end up getting? Sorry I got too busy to get a J-blogger league together…

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