24 is Done

24 is getting up on its water skis, looking straight down at that shark, getting ready to jump.  If it hadn’t already jumped the shark, (evidence: I, II, III) it’s about to: Tony Almeida is coming back from the dead!  (Don’t be fooled by the utterly ridiculous “no silent clock” argument for Tony not really being dead.  They carried him off on a gurney with a sheet over his face.  He’s dead.)

Man, I am thisclose to deciding not to watch this show this coming January.

Some early preditictions:

  • the FBI Agent played by Jeneane Garofalo will be annoying and interfere with Jack’s ability to do whatever he wants in the name of stopping the terrorists.

  • the new female President will be contemplative and unwilling to “do what’s necessary” but she’ll have a vice-president/chief of staff who completely and totally doesn’t match her character and will encourage her to be more forceful.

  • The President will be perceived as weak beause of her contemplative nature.

  • The President will face a challenge to her authority because of the perceived weakness, but will stand firm in the face of the opposition.

  • The President will ultimately win over the opposition by, what else?, trusting Jack, who will find and stop the threat in almost exactly 24 hours.

Aside from the fact that this pretty much happens every damn season, and the fact that nothing that goes on on 24 is plausible anymore, it is a completely different level of utterly insane and implausible bringing Tony back, and I don’t think I could watch this show, as much as I love Tony.  This is just too much.


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