Early TV Roundup

OK, so since my Fall TV Preview a fair number of people have been asking me some questions.  For instance:

  • Which premieres have you watched so far?

  • Don’t you watch The Office; 30 Rock?

So, allow me a quick roundup of the TV season, so far.

Of the new shows, because of the three-day yomtov, I’ve only watched Journeyman and Back to You (which had an early premiere).

Of the returning shows, I’ve watched Heroes (which I recapped here), House, Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds.

The returning shows “are what we thought we they were” so there’s not much that needs to be said.

Before I get into my thoughts on Journeyman (quickly: loved it), let me answer the second question: no, I don’t watch The Office or 30 Rock, though I can tell by the tone of your question that you think I should.  There are several shows that I missed the boat on, and it’s looking more and more likely that a Netflix subscription will be required.  So, once that’s set up (and Friday Night Lights gets finished), I’ll put The Office and 30 Rock on my queue (and The Wire, which I am regretting missing out on also).  Please put any other suggestions for Netflix-able shows in the comments.

OK, back to Journeyman.  Like I said in my preview, I liked Quantum Leap, so there’s no reason I shouldn’t like this show also.  I also like that they dispensed with too much of the “What’s happening to me?” stuff (that kind of plagued Heroes in early season 1) and he figured out exactly what was going on pretty quickly.  I also liked that he figured a fast and smart way to get his wife to believe him, which, if she was skeptical the whole season, would be really annoying.  So, I’m really happy that they took two possibly really annoying sub-plot devices and got rid of them early.  That’s fantastic.  Now we can get straight down to the weekly adventures of him going back and trying to figure out what he’s supposed to do.  Sprinkle in the Livia story line (who is she?  what happened to her?  is she also a jumper?  will we get to see her in a bra and panties again?) and we’ve got some genuine interest.

A little Quantum Leap, a little Early Edition (an awesome and underrated show, by the way, with an awesome, pre-FNL Kyle Chandler) a little mystery about his long-lost love, and we’ve got a show.

Journeyman’s a keeper.


3 responses to “Early TV Roundup

  1. The only new shows I’ve seen so far:

    Dirty Sexy Money : It’s actually pretty good – just like it was the first time, when it was called “The Royal Tennenbaums.”

    Bionic Woman : Not watching it again. Not hooked at all based on that first episode.

    Kid Nation : I continue to be fascinated by this show. It’s too bad there are so many people that lump this into the “reality” category and dismiss it without giving it a fair shot…

  2. Caveman : Undoubtedly one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen…

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