Let’s Go Yankees

Early odds on the Yankees:  12/5 to win the World Series, 3/2 to win the Penant, favorites for both. 

Money line on the Yankees – Indians series: Yankees -170 Indians +150.  Meaning, you’d have to wager $170 on the Yankees to win $100 and a $100 wager on the Indians wins $150.  That makes the Yankees a pretty big favorite.

I gotta say, for a team that’s not really deep at starting pitching (Mussina could pitch Game 4.  Ugh.) I’m not sure why they’re so favored.

The Yankees 6-0 record vs. the Indians this year is misleading, since the Indians were missing some key people for those series and the Yankees didn’t face Sabathia once (and Carmona is a different pitcher now than he was early.  Better.)

I think this series will be a good one.

Anyway, if I told you at the All-Star Break that the Yankees would make the playoffs and the Mets wouldn’t, you would call me crazy.  Great time to be a Yankee fan!


One response to “Let’s Go Yankees

  1. Prophetic about Sabathia and Carmona. In retrospect, you were right on.

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