Continuing the TV Roundup

Picking up from here, some updates on the still-young TV season.

So far, I’ve watched the first three episodes of Back to You.  It has gotten progressively worse, and less funny each week.  Not a good sign.

Meanwhile, I’ve watched the first two episides of The Big Bang Theory, and I loved them.  I was laughing so hard at some point, I had a coughing fit that lasted the rest of the show.  I had to keep pausing it to hear the jokes.  But the setup is great, at least for now they aren’t making this a competition about who can get the girl first (the roomate, Sheldon, seems uninterested).  And the writing is fantastic, smart, witty and clever.  And the roomate’s character, Sheldon, is played to perfection.  I love it.

I watched the first episode of Private Practice, and saw flashes of why I thought I would like it, but it was boring and slow for the rest of the episode.  Eh.

I watched the second episodes of Heroes, Grey’s, Criminal Minds and House.  Only Heroes is getting better from week to week, imho.

Finally, I watched both of a two-part season premiere for The Unit.  Building off of last season’s fantastic season-finale that set up a real tension for this season (not so much a cliff-hanger as a real problem that needed a two-parter to resolve).  Mrs. G absolutely couldn’t wait to watch these after last season’s ender, and they didn’t disappoint.  So far, the best two hours of TV that I’ve seen all season, no doubt.

I still have yet to sample Dirty Sexy Money, which got good reviews, Cane, which also got good reviews, and Big Shots, which got bad reviews.  I may wait to see if that last one is cancelled before I get invested.  I’ve got plenty of other shows to watch in its place.


One response to “Continuing the TV Roundup

  1. I found the first part of The Unit a little boring until the very end. Haven’t seen Part 2 yet though, which I assume is fantastic. Dirty Sexy Money is still pretty good – although the first episode was better than last week’s. As for Heroes, it’s definitely getting better, but I’d still appreciate less Hiro, Maya, and the brother. I mean, how many freaking subtitles do they expect me to read during one episode?!

    I hereby declare Caveman to be the #1 show for unintentional comedy. Ever.

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