Blog Management

So over the last few days, I’ve been in the process of updating every post, adding category tags to each one.  This is a long and tedious exercise.  Several questions you may have (talk like Yoda, do I), so consider this a little “categories FAQ.”

1.  Why now?  Haven’t you tried this before?  Yes, in fact I did, when I was still with Blogger.  At the time, keeping up with tagging new posts was odd for me, so I was bad at it.  At the time, there was no notation on the post indicating a lack of tags.  However, since the move over to WordPress, all my posts are now “uncategorized” which is unpleasing to me.  So I finally decided to do something about it.

2.  Why back-tag all the old posts?  Why not just start going forward?  I see you’ve never had OCD?  That’s fine.  In that case, you wouldn’t understand the answer anyway: because I have to, that’s why.

3. What sort of catergories will there be?  Well, see, this is part of the problem.  This blog has written on some varied topics.  So, as I read a post and realize the already created tags don’t cover it, a new tag will be invented.  However, some of the already created tags include such general topics as Sports; Yankees; TV and Movies and some specific ones like: 24 and Heroes.  There are others as well.

4. Why do this at all? Well, other than not wanting every post to be tagged “Uncategorized” (come on, were you paying attention at all?) the benefits to doing this will be far reaching.  With a simple click, a reader (new or not) can access all the posts I’ve written about the Yankees.  What the benefit of this is will be disclosed at a later time.

So, that’s it.  Stay tuned.  Nothing going on much.  I’ve still got some 300-some odd posts to tag.


6 responses to “Blog Management

  1. I have been tagging my posts on Blogger for a while now, but it eats at me every day that I haven’t gone back to tag the other 1700 posts or so. AAAAHHH!

  2. Noyam, when you’re done with yours maybe you could help Ezzie double back. It’s the right thing to do considering the Ezzie bump.

  3. Blog management is kinda boring. Can you speed it up?

  4. Archive this post under “Bad Decisions.”

  5. Cute post Dan but I have assumed that you were busy archiving, thus explaining the dearth of posts in the last few months. You started so strong with great videos etc. – I guess it’s a marathon not a sprint. For what it’s worth I still check regularly and I am expecting a strong comeback.

  6. Oooh, I like Rob’s suggestion!

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