My tagging project is complete.  You can now find my posts organized by such random and varied topics as:

24; Anger; Awesome; Baseball; Blog Management; Blogosphere; Criminal Justice; Deep Thoughts and Other BS; Friends; Fun and Games; Gross; Guest Posts; Harry Potter; Heroes; HOF Posts; Israel; Life, Law…and Lawyers; Mets; Middlemen – Brokers/Recruiters/Contractors; Politics; Random Sports; Rants; Religion; Stupidity and Ridiculousness; Torah; TV and Movies; Videos; and Yankees.

Just a note, the tags at the bottom of each post will take you to a WordPress page with similarly tagged posts from other blogs. If you want to navigate all of my posts in a given category, use the list on the sidebar.

The list also gives the number of posts with each tag.  Some posts have multiple tags, so don’t think I’ve written than many posts.

Not surprising, the leader in posts tagged is “Baseball.”


2 responses to “Done

  1. What’s with the new queer picture at the top (unless it’s a golf course, in which case it’s awesome) ?

  2. I’m looking for something different. In the meantime, that’s the standard picture. I had something else up there, but I think it slowed down the page loading. We don’t want that. UPDATE: There, how’s that?

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