Heroes – Volume II, Chapter 4 (The Kindness of Strangers)

So Sylar, now without power but still looking to accumulate more for when he can use them again, is in Mexico and heading back to the US.  And, symbolically, his Sylar watch is broken (he was a watch repairman, remember?) just like him (no powers) so he’s back to be being Gabriel Gray.  And the cockroach from the last shot of Season 1 is back.  Not sure exactly what that means.

Maya has to learn to calm down.  If you kill people every time you cry, maybe you should just chillax a little, huh?

No Peter or Hiro this episode, which is interesting, because I thought the previews from last week told us we would find out what’s in the box this week.  Hmmm.

Didn’t see it coming that Parkman’s father was part of the original 12.  Once we learned it, though, did see it coming that he was Molly’s boogeyman.  What seems interesting is that he seems to have the ability to control people’s mind from a distance, in addition to peircing their power in some way.  I’ll bet he made Mrs. Petrelli try to kill herself; I bet he made Nathan push Kaito Nakamura off the roof (and put the pictures of Kaito and Mrs. Petrelli close to them) without knowing it.  And he can pull Molly’s conscious mind out of her body while she “travels” (using her power).  Pretty freaky power to have.

Still don’t know what Mrs. Petrelli’s power is.  Or what Kaito Nakamura’s was.

Finally, Micah’s cute (trying his power on his cousin, which seemed not to work).  And his cousin has a strange ability to replicate anything she sees on TV.  Once she learns that, she should get an instructional DVD from Peter on all the things he can do!  Or just watch X-Men.  That would be a funny little Meta-joke, if she got powers by watching X-Men and picking up that they can do.

Anyway, it would seem that Noah Bennett is not long for this world, unless having seen his demise in the picture, he can somehow avoid it.  Something about West creeps me out a little.

All in all, not a riveting episode, but it did a little to advance the basic storyline (we know who the Bogeyman is).  Personally, any episode without Peter is a waste for me.


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