Heroes – Volume II, Chapter 6 (The Line)

Sorry about that.

I didn’t really get around to writing this, because the episode was kind of bland.

Fly-boy (West) still creeps me out a little, though the prank he and Clare pulled on the cheerleader was kind of funny.

Maya’s falling for Syler, which is a mistake.  I love that Sylar’s not afraid to just say that he’s going to kill them.  One thing that bugs me about TV: just because Maya’s offscreen, doesn’t mean she’s completely gone.  She went to the trunk, which is like 4 feet away.  How does she not hear Sylar telling Alejandro he’s going to kill them both?

The whole thing with the company guy in the Ukraine was strange if not from out of nowhere.  I guess if they were going to have Bennett kill someone in cold blood, it might as well be someone we don’t really know (but he does….to make it more dramatic).  I guess they also wanted to have Bennett start getting a little out of control, so we don’t feel as bad when Isaac Mendez’s painting of him dying comes true.

Suresh is kind of turning into a whiny little girl, which is annoying (though I guess he’s always been that a little).

And of course, Hiro finally gets some stones, and get’s himself knocked upside the head for it.  Like Dan, I could really do without all the subtitles.  This week, in addition to the spanish and japanese, we had russian, too.  Great.

Like I said, the episode was kind of bland, until the end, when Peter and Irish girl go into the future.

Though, I’m not sure why the “someone goes into the future and sees the destruction of New York that coincides with the end of the TV season that they then must stop” story line seems familiar to me.  Anyone else?

Unless, like last season, the dates in the show don’t coincide with our dates.  Last year, the whole season took place between September and Election Day, 2006.  Now we are four months past that (or a little more), so while we are in November 2007, and 8 months away from June, 2008 (where Peter went), they are actually in about March or April of 2007, and over a year away.  I wonder how they’ll deal with that, and if the virus story line lasts more than just this year.


3 responses to “Heroes – Volume II, Chapter 6 (The Line)

  1. Enough Heroes blogs already. Put something else up.

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  3. Kenny, it’s not like this is mandatory reading. It’s once a week. Just skip to the next post….

    Back to the show. Everyone seems to be frustrated with “Heroes” these days, and I think a quote from this article (http://www.nj.com/columns/ledger/sepinwall/index.ssf?/base/columns-0/119424105575880.xml&coll=1)sums up the problem rather well:

    “We saw what we wanted to see last year, hoping it would all lead somewhere cool. It didn’t, so now viewers are focused more on the journey than the destination, and the journey’s moving at a glacial pace.”

    Claire and Fly-boy’s prank was pretty good, but that storyline is just killing me. The kid better have his own purpose on the show, otherwise there really isn’t any use for him. They could have had Claire befriend another nerdy kid or something like she did in her hometown.

    Minor SPOILER : Rumor has it that Hiro will be back to the present by the end of this episode.

    If Sylar kills Maya and Alejandro as soon as they make it back, I’ll be annoyed that they were killed off without them first being given a purpose, but I’ll just be more glad that they’re off the show. I wonder if the original intention was to give them more of a role, but it was subsequently decided to kill them off after hearing/reading all the viewer backlash. This happened on Lost with two characters that appeared out of nowhere. Perhaps we can ask the writers after their strike is over.

    Let’s hope they can come up with something better than a repeat catastrophy. The idea of the heroes having to save NY a second time is very disappointing.

    I’d also like to see more of Parkman’s dad, and perhaps some of the other people pictured in “the photo.”

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