Heroes – Volume II, Chapter 7 (Out of Time)

Some trivia first: this was the first episode to take place in the past, present and future.  That can get a little confusing.  Perhaps this explanation from Doctor Emmett Brown might help:

Alternate Timeline

(By the way, this may be for another blog post, but explain how Biff goes back to regular 2015 to return the time machine, if it’s already skewed into Alternate 1985 time line?  He should bring the time machine back to evil 2015.  That’s a major plot hole in the second and third movies that I can’t seem to get past). 

Anyway, things are finally starting to happen, though we’ve been saying that months, it feel like.  I am still dying to find out what Angela Petrelli’s power is, and why Peter hasn’t been using it.

Query: if Adam (Takezo Kensei) is immortal, and it certainly looks that way, at what point does his body decide to stop aging?  Will Claire be 16 forever?  (Something like this was referenced in X-Men, regarding Wolverine, when Jean Gray says that it’s impossible to know how old he is, because his body keeps regenerating). 

Why does Adam wait until 2007 to destroy history?  Why not take out his revenge vendetta against Hiro much earlier?  Now the killing of Kaito Nakamura makes a little sense, though (as it was likely Adam who jumped off the roof with him, but was able to run away and not be hurt).  I like the twist of Adam showing up at the end.  That was cool.

Another Query: why does Hiro come back to four months after he leaves?  Why not come back to several minutes after he leaves, and then make sure his father doesn’t die?  That bugs me.

Sucks that Caitlin gets trapped in a crappy future.  By the way, see the timeline picture above.  If Peter et al. manage to stop the virus from spreading and save the world again, I fully expect Caitlin to be sleeping on the swing outside her parents’ house.  Of course, that only works if she was there when the future she was in changed around her.  Not the case.  So I wonder: if they change the path of history, will it change around her, so that Peter catched up to her, or will she be forever stuck in Alternate/crappy future, and Peter better get her back before he changes anything.  Personally, I think the second is true, and it won’t be addressed and I’ll be disappointed.  Update:  Actually, going forward doesn’t create a new timeline.  Doc teaches us that timelines are only created by going back in time.  But Peter going back after leacing Caitlin in the future may have created a new timeline. So, I am still curious about how they will address Caitlin and where she is.

The Parkman story line is cool, that he’s finally growing his powers and overtaking his father.  Molly’s a little annoying, Mohinder is still a whiny girl, and Nikki’s a perfect partner for him.

Nathan better stop grumbling and start doing something, please.

More questions: if Claire or Adam encounter Maya and Alejandro (or Sylar, after he kills them off in an act of mercy for the rest of us), can they recover?  Is there a way to kill them?  If not….then, uh?  How do they get stopped?

Finally, one little plot hole (I think) that bothered me (if you can explain it, please let me know): Bob claims that giving the virus to Maury will take away his power, and then they’ll save his life by giving him the anti-virus.  The implication is that he wouldn’t get his power back.  But that’s not the case, as far as we know.  We are familiar with at least one person who had a power, got the virus, got the antidote and retained/regained his power: The Haitian.  Why wouldn’t that be the case here?  Unless Bob knows that this is some weaponized form of the virus that can remove powers, but how would he possibly know that the antibodies wouldn’t restore the power?  As far as we know, that’s the only experience they have.


12 responses to “Heroes – Volume II, Chapter 7 (Out of Time)

  1. Owww Claire is so sexy… She is my favorite character… What do you think it’s going to happen? Is she going to be a cheerleader again?
    I saw this funny video where some players ran over a cheerleader who was in their way…
    That would not be a problem for Claire, right? LOL

  2. If not for Nicky/Jessica, Micah, and DL… Claire would be my least favorite character. If they made her a fighter it could be a different story, but I’m terribly bored by the fact that she has to constantly be in hiding.

    Adam/Kensei twist was great. I think he’s definitely the one who killed Papa Nakamura.

    The Caitlin thing is interesting, but I hope they don’t do too much flipping around in time because that might make my head explode.

    Why did Linderman have Kenzei’s sword? Wouldn’t Kenzei want to have it?

    I think Hiro comes back and forth at weird times because he hasn’t mastered his powers yet. Seems like Peter is having the same problem, unless Adam is the one bringing him back and forth.

    We almost don’t need Sylar at all now that we have Adam.

    I loved the glance between Nathan and Nicky/Jessica.

    They can’t really kill off HRG, can they? I really hope Suresh misses and either kills himself, West, or Claire.

    Next week’s episode better live up to the preview’s hype or I’ll be pissed.

  3. Quick points:

    I wonder if Kensei is like Peter and can absorb powers. That would explain why Bob showed Nathan the headline about the weather. Perhaps Kensei has a few hundred years of powers and also the experiece of how to use them. Now that’s an adversary

    I don’t think Bob thought Maury would lose his powers completely, only that he’d be unable to use his powers and could be sedated.

    The time traveling thing is crazy. Was Adam part of the original 12 before Hero went back? Was he a bad guy? Why didn’t he kill Hiro earlier?

    And how did Hero become such a good swordsman so quickly? Kensei must have spent years honing his skills, yet two hours with his father and a few fights with Kensei are enough to make Hiro an expert?

  4. Re Claire: Agreed, her story is extremely boring. She has one of the greatest powers, and she doing nothing with it. She needs to get involved. (I personally think she will, as I think it will be revealed that Adam/Kensei is somewhere in her bloodline, if not all of the Heroes).

    Re Hiro/Peter: Peter doesn’t remember that he has powers. Hiro does, and seems to be in full control of it. He came back to Ando’s cubicle! That’s pretty damn accurate! (I think realizing that he was Takezo Kensei and the stories were being told about him galvanized him…and falling in love.)

    They can’t really kill off HRG, can they? I think they have to. Unless, somehow, being cognizant of the painting makes him able to stop it, but so far, it’s all coming about (the painting of Peter behind the biohazard glass, for instance).

    Next week’s episode better live up to the preview’s hype or I’ll be pissed. Amen! Forget the hype, they better answer all the questions they say they are going to answer. What bugs me is that there is so much to cram into an episode called “Four Months Ago” that it really should be two hours. They can’t do it justice in just one.

  5. I think Adam was part of the Original 12 before Hiro went back. I think Heroes is following the theory that the past can’t be changed. Hiro worries that he’s ruined history, but the truth is, the history that he knows is the history that he already made (ie the Kensei stories his father told him always were about him). In that sense, Adam’s history was already written once we picked up the story and saw Hiro go back.

    I don’t think Adam has a Peter-like power, because how would he become regenerative? That would also give him Hiro’s power, which we have no indication that he has.

    What bugs me about this whole previous generation stuff (and Adam having a power dating back to the 17th century) is that it kind of negates the whole Chandra Suresh/mutation/Sylar is patient zero story line. I mean, there were tremendous holes in that story to begin with (how does he have a list of names without ever meeting people to test them?) but why call Sylar Patient Zero if there is a whole generation of people before him that have been dealing with this for years.

    I think this is kind of why they abandoned that concept, which is a little cheap.

  6. Sylar being Patient Zero: All the others on the list did actually possess powers based on their DNA. Perhaps since Sylar is different, he’s in a different group?

  7. First of all, being Patient Zero means it all starts with him, which since this isn’t really an infection, and there were people before him, isn’t right at all.

    Second, and I’ve mentioned this before, Sylar has a power. I’m not sure why Suresh wasn’t able to see it on his tests, but Sylar has a power: he his able to detect flaws in the inner workings of things, and create/replicate them. It’s how he takes other people’s powers, by observing how their brains work and doing it too. That’s what made him such a good watch repairman (the irony being that his watch his still broken).

  8. Is that really a power, or is it just a skill? I believe the writers promised us at some point that we’d find out how Sylar takes powers from people after sawing their heads open with his finger. Who knows what he does, but I’m hoping it’s not similar to what Dr. Lecter did in “Hannibal.”

  9. Adam might have encountered someone with regenerative abilities (he doesn’t have to be the first with powers for the story to make sense). And he might have had Hiro’s power, but he didn’t know how to use it yet.

    Remember Peter didn’t even know he had Hiro’s power until recently and didn’t manifest his powers unless he was around someone else who happened to have the power. So maybe it took Adam a while to figure it out.

    Chandra figured out who was on the list based purely on his work on the Human Genome Project. He was able to isolate the gene for powers.

    I completely agree about Sylar’s power. Maybe it’s unique in some way, but I don’t understand why his power wasn’t detectable. I also don’t get the Patient Zero thing.

  10. Did anyone see this article?

    Hopefully the season won’t end in December, and it looks like the writers really understand why people are upset about Season 2.

  11. Yes, Noyam and I discussed it via e-mail last week. It’s definitely a good sign. What I find so humorous is that all the people who were ripping on Lost last year and using Heroes as an example of how Lost should be written are now the same people complaining about Heroes.

    Probably a little premature for those people to have crowned Heroes as the perfect show.

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