I Won a Wii!

I went to this event last night (a trivia game fundraiser for LI NCSY).

It was great fun.  I love trivia games, so I was pretty much in my element.  The person who “recruited” me (reader/commenter Kenny) put together a great team, and we won.  The first prize?  A Wii. (There was one for each couple on the team).



4 responses to “I Won a Wii!

  1. Congrats. As if your TV schedule will give you enough time to use it. 🙂

  2. Strike Chart

    Actually, it seems the timing is perfect. I’m going to need something, soon.

  3. Ok, good point.

    I wonder if the Heroes comics are going to continue once the show goes on hiatus because of the strike. We need our Heroes fix.

  4. Some of us are still on last season, which makes reading this blog awfully tough…!

    Congrats! 😀

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