Heroes – Volume II, Chapter 9 (Cautionary Tales)

Starting from the back:  who gave HRG Claire’s blood?  It looks like it was The Company, but why would they keep him alive?

My wife mentioned something while we were watching, that Isaac’s painting had to come true, which is why HRG had to get shot.  The problem is, that’s really true, is it? Isaac painted New York exploding, but they were able to stop the bomb.  So, wouldn’t it mean, by extension, that with HRG knowing about it, he could theoretically stop himself from getting shot?

Something I don’t like: getting Claire’s blood after you die shouldn’t help.  Nothing to pump that blood around.  (Kind of the same thing with Peter, he only got the power to regenerate after he fell off the roof.  It should have been too late.  Unless he got it from Adam a long time ago…)

Meanwhile, West was helpful, but still painfully annoying.

The Hiro and his father scenes were touching, but I’m more and more with Dan on this one: enough with the subtitles.

I think the Parkman/Angela Petrelli scene made painfully obvious what was being subtly hinted at: Parkman is sliding down a slippery slope with his power.  Though it is clearly a much better power now.  Much!

What’s going to be interesting next week is the Hiro/Peter dynamic.  It looks like they are shaping up to be on opposite sides.  The future when they become close friends and partners doesn’t happen.  That’s cool.


4 responses to “Heroes – Volume II, Chapter 9 (Cautionary Tales)

  1. I’m guessing Suresh gave him the blood. It’s the only plausible explanation.

    Why won’t they tell us what powers Hiro’s and Peter’s parents had?

    Can’t wait to see Syler meet up with Suresh and Peter vs. Hiro. Makes for good TV. Too bad there’s only two episodes left.

  2. I wonder if Adam Monroe and Hiro going to patch up after having a grand showdown.

  3. I agree with nepthuli that Suresh gave Horn Rimmed Glasses blood otherwise Suresh would quite literally have blood in his hands, which would be a major change of character for him (he was always portrayed as good).

  4. Something I don’t like: getting Claire’s blood after you die shouldn’t help. Nothing to pump that blood around.

    OK, so I watched my first episode of Heroes this week. I know that I probably shouldn’t have started in the middle (and maybe I’ll end up going back to the beginning), but I figured I’d watch one episode and see if I liked it.

    After reading Noyam’s post, I thought to myself that what he’s saying makes sense – if the guy is dead, his heart is stopped and his blood isn’t circulating. Then I remembered (or, I should say, it was pointed out to me): This is science fiction. If you start asking questions like “how did the blood get circulated in his body when his heart was stopped?” you might want to start asking other question like “how is there such a thing as blood that makes your cells regenerate?” or “how can people fly or travel through time?” The answer to all those questions: “They just can.”

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