Heroes – Volume II, Chapter 10 (Truth & Consequences)

It took for-freaking-ever, but we’re finally starting to get some clarity on who’s who and what’s what.  What will be interesting in the coming weeks will be to see how the stories intersect.

Alejandro down, Maya to go.  Sylar’s one mean mofo, that’s for sure.  Definitely a little scary.  And definitely damaged in the cabeza.

I think I mentioned this earlier, but Adam is taking advantage of Peter’s naivete (which was a little bit of a problem last season also).  I think, given what Hiro saw in 1977 and what Adam muttered after he killed Victoria, his agenda is clear.  The question will be, will Peter figure it out in time?  And will Hiro help him come around, or will they remain enemies?  Next week is shaping up to be awesome.

The rest of the story-lines seem to be a little irrelevant.  If they intersect in some way (like last season’s finale) then they’llbe cool.  But until then, Nikki, Micah and their NOLA family are just tedious.

The previews for next week mention two heroes will fall.  I wouldn’t get too worried, because they call bad guys “heroes” also, so Adam can easily be one of them.  I mean, come on, they even told us this week how he can die: he just needs his head blown off, or I presume, severed with a samurai sword.  Here’s one man’s theory that Peter will realize just in time, and tell Hiro that the only way to kill him is to sever his head, and Hiro will.  No question in my mind that the writers/producers will allow Hiro to avenge his father.  He seems to be their favorite hero.

One scary thought: can you imagine the havoc Sylar could wreak with Hiro’s power?


13 responses to “Heroes – Volume II, Chapter 10 (Truth & Consequences)

  1. Adam is clearly the bad guy. No doubt about it. The Company aren’t boyscouts, but Adam is much worse. Linderman was just carrying out Adam’s goals last season. I’m not sure why didn’t try to release him though.

    I don’t think cutting off Adam’s head would matter. He’d just grow a new body. Destroying the brain (by shotgun for example) should kill him because nothing would regenerate. The question is how Adam survived the blast in ancient Japan. His entire body should have been disintergrated. We’ll find out I guess.

    About who might die: Claire, Peter, and Hiro are untouchables. I think anyone else can die. Sylar is getting his powers back, which means Maya should be done with. G-d I hope so.

  2. I don’t think cutting off Adam’s head would matter. He’d just grow a new body.

    Not sure. Remember, Claire “died” while there was shrapnel embedded in her brain. It’s possible that severing the connection from her brain to her body might kill her/Adam/Peter.

    My predictions for the Heroes that “fall” are Adam and Maya. That way they make the preview sound ominous, but only do what people are expecting/want anyway.

  3. The 5 Heroes in the picture were Elle, Hiro, Claire, Nathan and Parkman. No one would care if Elle died and I think either Nathan or Parkman will probably die. Remember this is the Heroes Finale. They can kill some people off.

    If something is inside the brain, it seems incapable of regenerating. I don’t think it matters if the brain is separated from the body. But we’ll see in a week I guess.

  4. It’s only the Volume II finale. They’re going to need some people around. I don’t know if the people they showed on the screen when they said that two would fall is m’akev but we’ll see.

    Of course, they could mean some older generation “heroes” like Bob and Angela (and anyone else in the Company picture).

    BTW, when was that picture taken? I would think those people wouldn’t get together so nicely when they were already that age. It just doesn’t make sense. They should be 1970’s ages, like young Kaito and young Victoria from this past episode.

  5. You might be right, but I’m thinking it’s someone bigger than Bob. I wonder if Sylar kills anyone important now that he has his powers back.

    You’re right about the picture, but a more recent picture explains why Adam isn’t in it.

  6. You might be right, but I’m thinking it’s someone bigger than Bob.

    It can’t be Bob until we meet the additional people Kaito was working for, which was alluded to last night when he took #137 or whatever it was from Victoria.

    My guess is Nathan gets killed next week, as he really serves no purpose anymore (heck, we even have another dude who can fly).

    Also, no way in hell it’s Adam. He’s a great character and the time doesn’t seem to be right yet for the big showdown with Hiro. At least there doesn’t appear to be enough time…

    Second is Maya. And btw, it was so frustratingly unrealistic how they got her to fall for Sylar and dump her brother.

  7. And btw, it was so frustratingly unrealistic how they got her to fall for Sylar and dump her brother.

    I think this is the reason we them for even a little in Four Months Ago: It seemed she wasn’t that close with him at the wedding and ran away from him (maybe feeling guilty for killing his wife), and when he came looking, they were a little cold. I think they did that so that we would believe her ditching him for Sylar.

    That said, I agree with you, it’s not so believable.

  8. Btw, a possibility for Matt being one of the two to be killed next week is that he should be returning home to Molly soon and will find Sylar instead of the babysitter.

  9. The thing about Matt is, didn’t he just go off after Victoria? He should be finding her dead before he comes home to Molly and Sylar.

  10. And are we sure Sylar has his powers back? I don’t think so. That’s why he needs Suresh. If he had them back, he wouldn’t care.

  11. The commercial said “a villian rises” and showed Sylar, so it’s safe to assume he’s back. Awesome.

  12. Oh, I agree he’ll get his powers back, I just don’t think he has them yet. So he can’t ambush Matt or Mohinder with his powers. He’ll have to use some other method to persuade Suresh to help him get his powers back.

    Here’s my question: why did he lose them?

  13. I hope they explain that this week. We’ll see why he gets his powers back, so we should learn why he lost them in the first place.

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