Does Giuliani = Hevesi?

Alan Hevesi lost his job as NY State Comptroller, because he used a state employee for personal use, for his wife.

Does doing the same thing affect Rudy’s presedential run, especially since it was for his mistress?


4 responses to “Does Giuliani = Hevesi?

  1. I’m sitting on a plane, using my blackberry and can’t comment at length. What rudy did was not the same as hevesi. Their security details are different, and what rudy is accused of is not what hevesi was accused of. That was a nice try at an anti-rudy swipe but unfortunately off the mark.

  2. New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani provided a police driver and city car for his mistress Judith Nathan

    How is that any different?

    And the fact that he buried it in obscure budget areas that nobody would find makes it worse, because he was trying to cover it up.

    And this was his mistress, not his wife. It’s skeevy and immoral.

  3. Haven’t read the details yet, but from the bits I’ve seen they don’t sound similar at all. There’s a reason this stuff is on the Blotter and not on ABC’s front page.

  4. From what I read it was Rudy’s security detail (for him) while he visited Nathan in the Hamptons. Not detail for her. Either way the cover up was slimy.

    Bottom line is I doubt it will impact his campaign – anyone who votes for Rudy will do so b/c he is the kind of guy who gets stuff done and will be hawkish on national security. Noone is voting for him based on his values – Three wives, kids who despise him, marital affairs, Bernie Kerik. If you were able to get past all these – this new allegation is no big deal.

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