That Sucks

Updated Strike Chart

Heroes: Eleven episodes will be produced. Eleven episodes have aired, so there is zero left.

Man, oh man.

Don’t expect a Heroes recap this week.

Not cool.


10 responses to “That Sucks

  1. Bring back Jericho already! Wtf are they waiting for?! Btw, anyone who doesn’t catch up on LOST during this time is simply foolish…

  2. Seriously, my favorite show left on TV is “Miami Ink” – this could be a long winter. I heard that there are some new game shows coming out b/c of the strike – anyone have any input?

  3. I still have a few shows left – btw, I recommend everyone submit their e-mail addresses on I just got my beta access and the selection is huge (and free).

  4. Good! So maybe you’ll post on things that interest people who don’t care about Heroes.

  5. Maybe it would just be easier if you caved and started to watch…

  6. Ah, too bad. I actually liked that show. Bionic Woman is a much inferior show, and although I watch it, I wouldn’t care if it got canceled.

  7. Where’s “Traveler” for pete’s sake? I loved that show.

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