Productive Day

I love Productive Day, I really do.  There’s this immense satisfaction that comes with getting stuff done.

The genesis of Productive Day (other than a few weeks of letting Sunday project pile up unattended) lies with my in-laws, who decided a few weeks ago that they wanted to take their grandkids to the Queens Hall of Science.  A very nice idea, let them have (the big one, at least) the kid for a day.

Somehow, this metamorphosed into an entire day.  Really.  The girl got picked up at 9:30 and didn’t come home until 7:30.  In the intervening hours, my wife and I:

– cleaned out the garage, straightening up, organizing and throwing out as much stuff as possible, in the end making enough room for the car.  This is huge right in front of winter, with the little ‘uns.

– cleaned up my home office, sorting through and filing months of old mail (which had been attended to in the office, and brought home to pile up) and making room on my desk, finally, for actual work.

– finished writing, formatting and citing references for my wife’s paper, due Thursday.

– replaced two needed water filters, one on the instant hot, one on the fridge.

– installed the base grille trim kit on the fridge.

– picked up clothing from the cleaners.

– there was other stuff too, I just can’t think of it off the top of my head.

I was on such a roll, that it continued this morning, when I completed/filed/mailed several items tha required attention, that were dug up from my desk on Productive Day.  Among others, I:

– filed for my STAR exemption, finally.

– purchased a money order and mailed a holiday tip to my paper deliver person.

– called Sanitation to schedule a pickup of the mound of garbage from may garage.

– found and used a 3 year old credit at Coach (woot!  new belt!)

– found the warranty certificate (10 years, YES!) for my luggage, which broke.  Submitted a claim.

I love being productive.


4 responses to “Productive Day

  1. See, the only chance I have at a Productive Day is when I’m sick. But then again, I’m sick.

    I still get a lot done, though…

    That’s an AMAZING list.

  2. A full day without the kids, and you and your wife couldn’t think of anything more creative to do?

  3. We only got rid of one. The younger one was home all day, sick and miserable, with what turned out to be a double ear infection. Our creativity was limited.

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