Primarily Stupid

Someone asked me to post my thoughts on the primary process.

That’s easy: it’s indescribably stupid and needs reform.

I don’t understand why two states, two small insignificant states, get to establish momentum for the entire election.  It’s a ridiculous combination of media stupidity and voter stupidity, that winning New Hampshire is a HUGE deal (aside from the delegates the candidate gets) because suddenly, that person is the front-runner.  It’s hundreds of times worse than using polling to determine the front-runner.  Take this year, for example.  Because a bunch of women in New Hampshire decided to get out and vote for Hillary, suddenly, the zeitgesit of the entire country is affected?  The media loves this stuff, and it’s self-perpetuating (meaning, the more the media says these things matter, the more media will continue to say these things matter) and we all know how the dimwitted American masses basically follow the media and whatever they tell them.

That’s how we end up with Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries essentially setting the tone for the entire primary election.

And don’t even get me started on a caucus, which is a bunch of people shouting at each other in a room, counts as an election (with rules like voting for your second best if your first choice doesn’t get enough votes).

There should be one day “primary election day” when all states hold primary elections.  That’s it.  No “momentum” no Super Tuesday and other such crap.  One day,  just like the national election.

And don’t get me started on the electoral college.


2 responses to “Primarily Stupid

  1. Agree on the primaries (um, why not just have everyone go to the polls one Tuesday in May, 6 months before the election? Would be plenty of time for everyone).

    Imagine if the national election were done like the primaries. :::shudder:::

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