Only Partly Joking?

Ok, so yes, this was an april fools day joke.

However, when I wrote:

Writing has been a real struggle lately.  I am just not feeling it.

That wasn’t.  That part is true.  So, while I have no intention of officially shutting down my blog, I have a lot of things going on that are distracting me.

I know what you’re thinking: blog about them.

Well, I would.  Except, some of them are private.  And since this blog isn’t exactly anonymous, I prefer to keep some things to myself.

Not to worry.  After Pesach, baseball will be in full swing (no pun intended), I’ll be back from an Orlando vacation, iy”h, and my mind will be clear (I hope).

I just figure how much can you people read about me ranting on about segulahs and why they’re a waste of time, or how yeshivish hebrew is a complete and utter destruction of a beautiful language.  I’ve been through that.

Maybe it’s my perception that people will read me and I will have some influence.  But of course the truth is I have no influence.  So, sometimes I get frustrated, and just don’t feel like ranting for ranting’s sake.

And ranting was also more fun when I had EDS to get my back and rant on with me.

For instance, if EDS was still around, he would love this story (I think, both parts of it):

last night, going into the Lexington Ave E train station, one of the escalators was broken and blocked off,  the other was operating to take people up, and there was, therefore, a long waiting line of people to go down the stairs.  Some idiot, not caring that the stairs were the only way down, and that it was the evening rush hour and therefore most people would be trying to go down, and thus both lanes of the stairs should be reserved for down travelers, decided to walk up the stairs.  Take the friggin escalator and get out of everyone’s way you damn, dirty hippie (note: I don’t know if this person was actually dirty or a hippie).  So that held everyone up.

Me?  I didn’t bother waiting.  I went down the up escalator.  A couple of people were nice enough to keep to the side, and I ran down the up-moving stairs, which gets much harder the longer you do it, and the Lexington Ave. subway station is just slightly less deep than the 7th circle of hell, damn that is a long escalator ride, especially the wrong way.  But I made it.  So that was fun.  And I didn’t have to wait in line.


8 responses to “Only Partly Joking?

  1. I’ve always wanted to go the wrong way up/down an escalator!! But I’m always embarrassed of what people will think…bad for shidduchim and all that…


    I’m sure I’m missing out though!

  2. bad for shidduchim and all that

    Please tell me you’re kidding….

  3. I’ve been at a client right around there for a few months, and yes – it’s Dante land down there. (Kinda feels like it, too.)

    And what’s worse is when you get up when on the way in, and go all the way up… only to have to walk up another 30 steps to the street. Ugh. Somehow it just feels worse.

    As a complete non-anon, I can only suggest either writing it in draft and not posting, or writing in very vague terms. If you’re the type that writing things out helps, which you seem to be, even in such vague terms can be cathartic.

  4. Ez,

    I appreciate your input. The truth is, I’ve been writing about it extensively, posting it to a new, completely independent and completely anonymous blog. Maybe at some point in the future I might “come out;” but for now, I do have that outlet.

  5. Only Partly Joking ;-P

  6. I always have your back bro.
    Just been busy.

    Free Michael Jackson!

  7. EDS, Why don’t you bring him to JVE this summer – see how the parents will feel about that.

  8. What kind of readership do you have on your other blog?

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