Good Help

Nothing, absolutely nothing, can make an attorney’s life easier than a reliable, trustworthy secretary.

I love that I can give my secretary a bunch of things to do and they will get done quickly and well.  It saves me so much time and energy that I can do that.

And with time, I’ve developed a rythm with my secretary, and it makes things even more efficient and expedient.  She’s even learned to read my crappy handwriting, for the most part.

Thank God!

One of the things I was wary about when I switched firms was secretarial coverage.  At my old firm, I had a fantastic secretary, who always had/made time for my things, and I knew I could trust to do things without even having to tell her.  I was nervous to lose that when I moved.

Luckily for me, the secretary I was assigned when I got to my new firm is just as excellent.  It really helps me get stuff done, especially on a day like today (Friday; leaving early) which means there is less to do on the weekend or leave building up on my desk until Monday.


One response to “Good Help

  1. “I’M GIVING YOU A RAISE!!!!!!!!” – G.C.

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