Last night I ordered dinner through SeamlessWeb (I was actually in the office late, rare as that has been lately), and, as is wont to happen, the restaurant screwed up.  While I can understand how it happened (I ordered two of something, and they only sent me one), it really is inexusable: you should realize that you’re charging me double!

Anyway, the tip, as always was already on the receipt when the food was delivered (all paid through Seamless).  I called the place to tell them, and the guys asks me “do you want it” and I answered “yes, I do.”  So he sent out an extra bag.  It came decently quickly.

The delivery guy hands me the bag, points to the receipt, and says, in broken english, something to effect of “tip again?”

Are you kidding me?  You want another tip for the delivery?  “You must be outta yo goddam mind!”  Talk to your boss about it, this was a delivery to fix his screw up.  I’ll be damned if you think I’m paying a second tip.  Nice try, weasel.

At least the restaurant threw in a free piece of chocolate cake; for the trouble, ya know?  I brought that home for Mrs. G to enjoy.


4 responses to “Weasel

  1. So you told him no?

  2. I shook my head and walked away

  3. I feel badly for the guy. Perhaps you should try to get a commitment out of the owner to give you a credit for a second tip amount and then you can give the guy some money. The delivery guy is certainly not the weasel to whom you refer, is he? Maybe the owner is.

    And I certainly agree that if they can manage to see the quantity is two when they ring up the bill they should see that the quantity is two when they put together the food. That stuff always happens.

    It’s like, “Oh you wanted to buy two properties. Whoops. The purchase price factors in both properties but I accidentally forgot to put one of the properties on the schedule listing the properties that you’ve acquired.”

  4. I was calling the delivery guy a weasel. It’s a weasel move to ask for another tip. He knows he doesn’t get one.

    It’s not like I give them money ever. When I place an order on seamless, no cash ever changes hand, everything goes on the seamless bill. The fact that he pointed to the seamless receipt, showed me the tip that I already gave him, and said something like “I can’t ask for more tip?” means that he knows perfectly well there is no more money coming to him. That’s the weasel move, imho.

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