Roger Clemens is Seriously Scum

I pulled that one from the file I have by my desk labeled “Least Schocking Headlines.”

It just keeps getting worse and worse (and grosser and grosser) for Clemens.

Quick rundown:

Did steroids.  Lied about it. Threw his trainer under the bus.  Secretly taped a phone conversation with the trainer.  Played the tape for everyone in a press conference.  Threw his friend under the bus.  Threw his wife under the bus.  Mouthed off to Congress.

Then it gets bad.  (This isn’t in chronological order of when it happened, but when it came to light):

Had an ongoing affair with a country singer that started when she was 15!!  Had an ongoing affair with this chick, including paying her rent for her.  Then he got on with John Daly’s sloppy seconds.  Eww!

All this while happily married and father of four kids.  Nice.  Dad of the year, that one.

At this point, does he have a single shred of credibility or dignity left?  This guy is clearly one of the grossest slimeballs in baseball in his era.  And yet, Barry Bonds gets worse treatment for being surly to the media.  Hmmmm.


2 responses to “Roger Clemens is Seriously Scum

  1. At this point, think of them as pretty much equals. Except that I’m still bothered more by Bonds because he broke the home run record.

  2. Clemens has taken a ton of heat and it will only get worse. Bonds got trashed b/c he broke the most important record in baseball and for being a jerk. I don’t think there’s anything more to it. If Bonds does not get into the HOF neither will Clemens. I think in terms of that they will be treated equally.
    It’s not like anyone likes Clemens or has defended his behavior more than the few losers who defend Bonds and still argue that he didn’t take steroids.

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