“You’ll Need a Tray”

A few years ago, I was flipping channels, when I stumbled on an HBO comedy special.  Since those were always worth seeing if the comedian was worth watching (that was convoluted sentence construction, but you know what I mean), I stopped and watched for a second.  The comedian was a British dude wearing women’s clothing.  Weird.  But, he was frikkin’ hilarious.  His name’s Eddie Izzard (see his official site, here).

Anyway, I ended up watching the whole thing, and laughing my ass off the entire time.  Then YouTube was invented, and I could search for others of his bits, and laugh at those, too.  (See: YouTube Search: Eddie Izzard).

One of the bits he does is about Darth Vader trying to order lunch in the Death Star cafeteria:

Someone then went and made a Star Wars Lego movie set to that bit.  See it here:


4 responses to ““You’ll Need a Tray”

  1. I just watched the clip you posted. I did not laugh very much and I was in the mood to laugh.

    Try Dane Cook – he’s better.

  2. Dane Cook? Ugh, what’s wrong with you?

  3. Eddie Izzard is a legendary comedian. Not saying this is his best clip ever but he’s a legend.

    Watched some Dane Cook on YT – cute but not rip roaring – doesn’t hold a candle to Sarah Silverman.

  4. This is hilarious. Very Monty Python-esqe.

    And put me in the corner of those who can’t stand dane cook and don’t think he’s funny at all.

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