Hello, Pot…

So I was all set to write a post titled “Why the Electoral College Sucks” and the only thing in would be a link to this post at With Leather.  (The joke being that it’s the electoral college that essentially makes Ohio the only state that matters in a presidential election.)

Then I realized that making fun of Ohioans for waiting in three-hour lines for Pizza and causing traffic back ups all over the city because the pizza only cost 23 cents would be a little pot/kettle of me.

Because, let’s be honest, Jews wait on three-hour lines for pizza (erev and motzei Pesach) and the traffic around town thing is simply a numbers game.  It’s any regular shul kiddush, on a city-wide level.

And who am I kidding?  If Sabra’s ran the same promotion, the line of cars double-parked on Central Avenue would extend into Far Rockaway, and possibly Brooklyn or Queens.  You would be standing in Benjy’s, waiting on line for 23 cent pizza at Sabra’s.

(I guess it’s a good thing that a kosher pizza store would never offer that kind of promotion.  Their pizza is closer to 23 dollars than 23 cents.)


2 responses to “Hello, Pot…

  1. Noy – Sabra’s is no longer making tomato rice soup because, ad I quote, “rice is too expensive”. I’m oretty sure we won;t be seeing 23 cent pizza from this store.

  2. Also, a lot were doing it just for kicks. Jews do it at $30/pie on Motzei Pesach… why?

    GO CAVS! 😀

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