Is Anyone Gonna Investigate?

At the end of last night’s Spurs-Lakers, the game was basically in hand, with the Lakers leading 97-92 with mere seconds on the clock.  The Lakers brought the ball across half-court, got the ball away from the defenders with time expiring, and weren’t even being defended.  The game was over.  Even Marv Albert said “and that’s it” on the telecast.

Except Sasha Vujajic decided to pop a three at the buzzer.  It’s the kind of thing that should have gotten him punched in the face.  Watch:

What makes it really bad, imho, is this: the line on the game was Lakers by 7.5.  That means by virtue of that stupid shot, the Lakers covered the spread.

Is anyone at the NBA going to look into why Sasha Vujajic so casually decided to make sure the Lakers covered last night?  Just wondering.


Awful Announcing: The Lakers Are Going To The NBA Finals (Sasha Vujacic Is An A-Hole)


4 responses to “Is Anyone Gonna Investigate?

  1. This is extremely interesting. I didn’t realize it till reading this, but very interesting. He is a sleazy looking guy. You never know.

  2. All the sports radio guys were talking about this the other day. I didn’t hear any allegation that he did it on purpose to cover the spread – more that it shows why it is foolish to bet on NBA basketball.

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  4. I wasn’t seriously questioning that. Apparently, though, the answer is tacos.

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