Studies in quantum mechanics have shown that observation affects reality; that is, the very fact that something is being observed changes it.

I mention this because I just got a random email from a co-worker about something I wrote.

(By the way, apparently, the reason Sasha Vujajic hit that three was to get the Staples Center crowd free tacos – I am told by my from-the-OC friend that when the Lakers score 100 and keep the opponent below 100 – free tacos for everyone!)

So, now that I know that people at work are reading this, will that change anything?  I would say no, but quantumly speaking, it appears I don’t have a choice.


2 responses to “Observation

  1. Heh. One reason I’m not anonymous is to avoid having to worry *more* about things like that. Also, I had the head of our HR reading mine for a long time… she complimented me on how I’d (not) talk about work.

  2. Now that you have people from work reading your blog, you should get some posts from summer associates… maybe the great summer associate story of ’08 will come from your firm.

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