Free Willie

Adam took my silence on the Willie Randoph firing as some sort of blasé, devil-may-care attitude.  Seriously, to Adam, if I don’t respond within hours, that’s it, I’ve lost the window.  Anyway, Adam took matters into his own hands.  Here are his thoughts:

When Minaya assembled this team, he made the following assumptions:
  1. That Delgado’s decline last season wasn’t due to normal aging, and that he’d come back this year and post strong numbers.  Instead, he’s hitting .242, about 40 points below his career average.
  2. That Luis Castillo brings speed, solid situational hitting, and strong defense to the Mets lineup.  Incorrect on all counts.
  3. That Moises Alou would be the everyday left fielder – he’s had 49 AB’s so far this year
  4. That the Mets could focus on bringing in a defensive-minded right fielder and catcher because there would be ample offense elsewhere
  5. That the starting rotation would include Pedro Martinez and El Duque. El Duque hasn’t pitched all season, and Pedro’s missed significant time; and still isn’t at full strength (whatever that is these days for Pedro)
  6. That the bullpen would be a strong point for this team – it’s been horribly weak.
So look at the team Randolph was given:  No output at first base, second base, catcher, or either corner outfielder.  No starting pitching, no relief pitching. 
I’m not a Willie Randolph fan – I never thought he was a great “baseball guy,” even when they had their strongest roster (2006).  But this season is simply not his fault.  And one has to ask:  Are they getting an upgrade, or just a scapegoat?

4 responses to “Free Willie

  1. Personally, I agree with Adam, partially, that Omar Minaya is more to blame for the Mets mess than Willie is. That said, I do think Willie shoulders some of the blame (the players shoulder most of it, but you can’t fire them) for the recent problems the Mets face, and I don’t have a problem firing him.

    What I do have a problem with is the utterly class-less way they went about it. Why bother with the whoel charade of letting him fly to Anaheim, manage one game, do the press conferences, make the spectacle of Minaya flying out there, just to shit-can him at midnight after he gets back from the hotel? Why not man up, and fire him before the trip. And if you can’t do that, at least fire him before the game. Why bother letting him manage the first game of the series and the road-trip? And I don’t buy for a second that this wasn’t decided already days ago.

  2. Of course it was decided days ago – they just won three of four!

  3. Minor League organization. What do you expect?

  4. I agree with Adam entirely but I’m OK with them firing Willie b/c I never liked his managerial style and ability in the first place. Bobby V would have been a much better choice as I said all along. He would have lit a fire under these players asses (especially the young players would have responded much better to a guy like Valentine) and last year’s dabacle would likely not have happened. With that being said, the way they fired him was aweful and Minaya and the Wilpons have been getting creamed for it in the media and deservedly so. Let’s hope the new stadium enfuses a little class into this classless organization.

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