Meeting Them on Their Turf

Professor Mordechai Kedar (chairman of the Arab Studies Department at Bar-Ilan University), discussing Jerusalem, Palestine and Israel’s sovereignty over the city….interviewed live on Al Jazeera…in Arabic…not taking any crap from the clearly slanted interviewer, and putting him on his heels.  Well done.


Some points that I like:

  • the term “occupier” is a misnomer since there was no state of Palestine and nobody ever had sovereignty over the West Bank.
  • Jerusalem is now, and was, our capital.  If you want to go far back, we can go farther back.  If you want to argue now, we can argue now.
  • Speaking of going farther back, I love, LOVE, that Professor Kedar knows enough to state categorically that Al-Quds (Jerusalem) doesn’t appear in the Qur’an once, not ONCE, clearly throwing the interveiwer for a loop, right after he insisted about using the Qur’an as THE source.

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