What A Bad, Bad, Year

Something Simmons mentioned in his running diary today made me realize something.  I’ll get to it in a second.  First, some context.  A list of things that I, as a sports fan, hate:

  • As a Yankee fan, I hate the Red Sox
  • As a Nets fan, I hate the Celtics.
  • As a New Yorker, I hate Boston.
  • As a Cowboys fan, I hate the Giants.


Look at that list.  The only thing in the way of the apocalyptic scenario of the local team from Boston being the current World Champion in all three major sports at the same time, is Eli Manning, David Tyree and the NY Giants having pulled a huge upset on the then-undefeated Pats.  There is nowhere for me to turn.

Maybe that explains my less than enthusiastic feelings towards sports at this current moment?

Meanwhile, you just know Simmons was going to be insufferable once the Celts won.  So when he dropped this in at the end of his diary, it wasn’t a complete shock: “Me: “Well, maybe he’ll be good — I mean, you can’t question Danny Ainge, the architect for the 2008 world champion Boston Celtics!” ”  It was still irritating, though.


2 responses to “What A Bad, Bad, Year

  1. Why, as a New Yorker, do you hate Boston?

  2. I don’t hate the city; more its inhabitants. Really, its sports fans.

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