So You Think You Can Dance

I think I’ve mentioned how Mrs. G has been getting me into this show recently.  And while I may have resisted, the truth is, I was hooked from the first episode I watched (which happened to be last season’s finale).  The talent and ability these dancers show is truly remarkable.

Anyway, I was thinking about this past week’s elimination, and how I felt a little sorry for Chris.  Here is a long, lithe, very very very white contemporary dancer who for the past two weeks drew Krump and African Jazz as his dance style.  He looked uncomfortable and out of place.  It looked strange watching him.

So it came as no surprise when he was eliminated this week.  Maybe a little unfair?

But then I realized that the opposite of the same coin was Joshua.  A stocky, broad hip hop dancer who for the past two weeks drew Broadway and Samba.  And yet, both times, his routine was among the best of the night, if not the best, and drew rave reviews.  He looked like a natural both times, so much that we might have tended to forget his natural style.  He absolutely rocked.



Fair?  Fair is what you make of it.  Joshua clearly made more of his opportunity than Chris.  And that’s why Joshua is one my faves and Chris is going home.


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