Identifying Potential Flaws

Last week I started riding my bike to the train station instead of driving.  The benefits, as I could see them, were obivous.  The time it would take me to get to the train might be slightly longer (though significantly faster than walking), but that difference would be more than made up for by not having to look for parking, so in sum, I could leave the house later, giving myself more time in the morning.  Added benefits including the aforementioned not having to look for parking, saving money on gas, getting an extra little bit of exercise to start my day and getting a nice extra bit of sunshine to start my day (not to be underrated).  Potential problems, as I could see them, were limited to rain.  So not caring too much whether my bike sat out in the rain during the day, as long as it’s not raining in the morning, I take my chance that it won’t be raining when I get home.  And if it is, so be it.  I’ll get a little wet on my way home.

The major flaw that I didn’t identify when I decided to start doing this, made itself apparent last night and again tonight.  See, it’s almost 10:30, and I am still in the office.  I am anticipate being in the office a bit longer (especially since I am wasting time blogging instead of working), meaning I will get home tonight around midnight.  Except, I won’t be going straight home, I’ll have to take a car to the train station to get my bike.  And then in a state of extreme tiredness and exhaustion, ride the bike home.  And then I’ll likely be a little sweaty when I get home, so I won’t be able to get straight into bed.  That sucks.


6 responses to “Identifying Potential Flaws

  1. How do you handle the sweat factor?

  2. way to think things through.

  3. How do you handle the sweat factor?

    On which end? Coming home, it’s not that much, so I just wash up a little before bed.

    Going in it’s a little bad (especially if I exercise beforehand and don’t totally have time to cool off). I take a couple of towels with me, wipe my brow, and cool off on the air conditioned train.

    That’s why I wear Old Spice High Endurance.

  4. I would take the car home, pick up my own car and throw the bike in the trunk.

  5. That’s like the way we all used to go to class right after gym in high school.

  6. Kinda, but not as long and intense of exercise. It’s, like, 6 minutes of riding.

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