Unfit For Parenting

Sometimes, as is normal (I think) I wonder if I am doing a good job with my kids.  Am I doing the right thing?  Am I balancing discipline with softness?  Am I making it clear how much I love them?  Am I giving them everything they need, without getting too close to spoiling them?  Am I doing everything I can to prevent them from coming to harm, while allowing them to grow and develop for themselves?  Am I a good father?

And then I read about this guy.

The Jerusalem District Court convicted Yisrael Wallis of manslaughter on Wednesday nearly two years after he shook his son, Yitzhak, to death. Wallis’s son was three months old when he was killed.

And then I realize that there are some people that far more unfit for being a parent than I am.  Good lord.  This guy shouldn’t be allowed to live, let alone continue to procreate.


HT: DovBear


6 responses to “Unfit For Parenting

  1. DovBear sucks.

  2. That’s what you take out of this post? That comment sucks.

  3. DovBear sucks harder.

  4. calvin & hobbes imagery anti-sucks!

  5. I liked where you were going in your introduction, but I didn’t love the conclusion. I’m not sure that the lesson is that there are people who are more unfit. That guy obviously was unfit because he obviously has major problems. It’s very, very sad. And while the guy with real mental problems is unfit that doesn’t mean that anyone without those problems is necessarily more fit to be a parent.

  6. I liked where you were going in your introduction

    So you think I’m a bad father? Or are you hoping for a post reconciling the conflicts I listed? Because I’m not sure there is an answer. The answer may be that those doubts are normal, and in fact, proper. A good parent is one that is constantly trying to balance those pressures.

    But hey, whether or not I or anyone else falls on the “right” on those questions, and there is surely debate as to what that “right” is, I think someone who hasn’t actively tried to kill his children is less unfit.

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