I Am So Sick of Brett Favre

I never really liked Favre to begin with.  I am Cowboys fan, and while it may not be deepest of rivalries, there were a few years there where the Cowboys and Packers met in the playoffs.  And since they were during my formative fan years, and Brett Favre was intimately involved, I never really developed this all-encompassing love for Favre that (seemingly) everyone in the media has.  Ooh, he’s so boyish.  A gunslinger.  Eh.  He’s thrown more interception than anyone else, like, EVER.  He just heaves the ball up there into triple coverage and hopes to get lucky.  There are, no joke, at least a dozen QB’s I’d rather have on my team (all-time) before I took Favre.  Maybe even more, I haven’t given this a lot of thought.

Anyway, this last week fo Favre “news” has taken any shred of respect I had for him and flushed it down the toilet.  First he takes 43 years to decide if he was going to retire, leading to countless “will he or won’t he” worthless stories.  Then he decides to come back.  Same shit next season.  So he finally announces his retirement.  The team moves on.  Prepares for life without him.  Of course, we can barely get past mini-camp, and he’s coming back.

But he doesn’t do it in a classy way.  No.  He basically puts his “beloved” franchise in the tightest of spots.  Either they take him back, screw up their cap number (he has a large contract) and screw around with the plans they already had to move forward without him.  Either that, or they look like dicks by cutting him.  And run the risk he ends up playing for a team in their own division that really needs a QB (like Chicago or Minnesota) to take things to the next level.  Sure, I’m sure the Packers are just dying to help Minny out with their last missing piece.

And of course, now we’re subjected to more “Favre 24/7” coverage.  Hell, I’m contributing to it right now by writing this.  Damn.

And I love the way the Packers are handling it.  “No, we will not release you.  If you want to come back, come back to the Packers.  And earn your job.”  But of course, he wants to be assured of being the starter.  Even though, arguably, the Packers are better off with Aaron Rodgers starting.  So he doesn’t want to come back to Green Bay.  Asshole.  He really just wants the whole franchise and NFL to bend to his fleeting, ever-changing fancy.

Well, Brett Favre can go choke on something.  I’m sick of it.


6 responses to “I Am So Sick of Brett Favre

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. It’s ridiculous. Poor Aaron Rodgers has to put on a fake gracious smile when really he must be thinking this guy’s an asshole.

  2. What bothers me about the whole thing is how utterly douchey Favre is being about this. And how very few people want to call him on it.

    Let’s not forget that Brett Favre is under contract with the Packers. Just because he retired, that contract doesn’t get ripped up. He’s not a free agent. If he was, he would be free to do whatever he wants to tarnish his legacy. But he knows he’s not, which is why he has to hold the team hostage to get his way.

    I watched a clip of the Greta Van Susteren interview, and I swear he was practically lying on the ground, kicking and screaming. “It’s not fair, boo hoo, why won’t the Packers just give me my way, already?” And nobody wants to maybe stop him and say “WTF?”

  3. It’s crazy. He signed a contract got $10m/year and now wants to break the K under his terms. In NY they would say FU if someone pulled this crap. The problem is he’s a hometown favorite so the Packers look bad. For example if Tiki would have tried to pull this crap the Giants would have told him to piss off and rightfully so – similar to what happened w/ Strahan and the Giants stuck to their guns and the fans supported the organization by and large.

  4. If he were to sign/be traded to buffalo, everyone would be happy – favre gets to start, the packers don’t have to play him twice and I get to see buffalo with its first QB since jim kelly.

  5. Mike,

    I think GB would welcome that scenario so long as they were compensated for it. Thing is GB has the control here so Favre has to be flexible on where he goes if he wants to play elsewhere. He can’t say release me generally so that I can go play in Chicago. That’s not fair to GB and they should rightfully say go screw yourself if you think we’ll let you go play where you please. They bargained for and received the right to dictate where he plays if he wants out of GB.

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