Mike Florio Gets It

Yay!  Someone in the media who gets that Brett Favre isn’t as rosy-smelling as John Madden wants you to think.  Money Quote:

When it comes to his contract, Favre is no different than any other player. His decision to seek his release from the Packers and his belief he is entitled to it, suggests that he believes he is different.

Because Brett Favre is a douchebag.  There, I said it.  Who’s gonna argue with me?

The 2005 Javon Walker story that Florio referenced, and one of the things Brett Favre said at the time:

What happened to honoring your contract…?

What, indeed, Brett?  What indeed?  Remember, this is a guy who signed a 10-year $100 million contract in 2001.  Who said at the time that he had no intention of playing past 2006.  Who said that he was happy to be a Packer for life.  What happened to all of that?  He’s so full of shit, it’s upsetting me!  He’s a prima donna, who just wants what he wants, when he wants it, and expects the team and the league to give it to him.  I hate that.  If he were a black wide receiver, the only stories you’d hear would be bashing him for his behavior, no question.  Favre’s behavior is upsetting, the media’s double standard is upsetting.  This whole thing is bugging me, if for no other reason than the talking heads are glossing over this.  Please!!  Someone go on ESPN and say that Favre is being a douche.  Please!  Someone say that he doesn’t get to pull strings like this, and manipulate and get his way just because he wants it.  Hell, ESPN, call me.  I’ll say it!


16 responses to “Mike Florio Gets It

  1. Stephen A. Smith said it already. Someone sent me this clip yesterday. Go to the link and then click on the “Stephen A. Smith sounds off…” link next to the article.


  2. Great clip. He’s right on the money.

  3. I sent YehudaArye the link yesterday (funny that I just happened to check this blog today – I don’t ordinarily check it). In any event, can someone explain what exactly Favre is doing wrong? He wants to come back and be a starter in the NFL. The Packers have said to him that he can come back, but not as a starter. So now he wants to play for someone else. What’s the harm in that?

  4. Edge – that’s not exactly how it goes.

    Nobody in the NFL gets to decide their own place on the depth chart. Why should Favre insist that he’s “coming back as a starter?” Even assuming that he wants to be a starter somewhere, he doesn’t get to pick and choose where he plays. He’s still under contract. He can’t just wriggle out of it because he feels like.

    And all that’s fine. He can hold out, and whine, and stomp his feet all he wants, to get his way. But if he does, then we, the fans, the media, should react appropriately, and call it for what it is: a petulant star using the good will he’s established as a fan favorite to leverage the team into doing something that’s against it’s best interests in favor of doing something that’s in his own interests. And that if he was black and a wide receiver, everyone would be all over him for it.

  5. totally disagree regarding the contract thing.

    this is how the nfl works. both sides accept it.

    Teams can cut a player and not pay them, and players can not show up to training camp and hold out for bigger contracts. They have non-guaranteed contracts. Both sides have strength in this when needed.

    Favre as a player should take advantage of this just like the ownership takes advantage of an injured player by cutting him.

    The dude who got paralyzed on the Bills last year – cut. He isnt making any money any more. Why? Because his contract isn’t guaranteed so why would they pay him?

    Same reason plenty of these guys wont show up to training camp looking for more money after a good year.

    Favre can do what he wants here as can management. It’s the way of the world in the NFL.

  6. but didn’t they tell him that he can’t be the starter? or do I have the facts wrong?

  7. Edge- I don’t think they told him he can’t, I think they said it’s not guaranteed, and that he’d have to play for the job. And even so, so what?

    EDS – that’s fine, and I know that’s the way in the NFL. But that doesn’t address two points: 1) if he weren’t a white QB, the media response would be totally different. See what happened to TO, Chad Johnson, Javon Walker and many others. 2) Favre can hold out and hold his breath all he wants. The Packers don’t want to cut him, and he’s insisting that they do. It’s the opposite of what normally goes on. If he held out, they wouldn’t have to pay him, and it would be like he’s retired. They’d love that. He’s insisting on showing up. They are saying “fine, but you’ll be a backup” and he’s throwing a hissy fit. The Packers are saying “you have a contract with us that we want you to honor. If you want to play, it’ll be with us.” And he wants to be cut loose. Why does he deserve that? He has no leverage, other than using fan goodwill and the media to make it look like he’s the victim. And that’s BS.

  8. If that’s the case, does he really think he can’t beat out Aaron Rodgers? Even if Rodgers played better than him, McCarthy would still be compelled to start Favre because of fan/media pressure.

  9. Yeah, I think that’s the point. He just doesn’t want to be in GB, and he’s trying to pry himself out. It’s a weasel move, and it’s disingenuous that he’s painting himself as the victim.

  10. You see, I don’t think that’s it. Why would he not want to be in GB?

  11. I don’t know, but if he wants to be in GB, why’s he insisting that the Packers release him?

  12. I thought he wanted to be told that he’s the #1 guy by the team and not that he’d have to compete. And since he’s Brett Favre, he feels that the Packers should accommodate him. My gut tells me that should he be released, he’ll sign with a team that will tell him that he’s “the man”.

    As an aside, Kevin Everett being released was done to benefit Kevin Everett.


    “By being placed on the team’s waived/failed physical list, Everett can apply for an annual $224,000 disability payment and a one-time payment of $75,000 as part of the NFL’s Player Health Reimbursement Plan. An injured player isn’t eligible for medical benefits while on an active roster.”

  13. Bottom line is that GB doesn’t want Favre as their second string – they want to be able to direct where he plays and they want to be compensated for releasing/trading him. Having signed him to a huge 10/yr deal they have guaranteed that right. As Noyam said he has no other leverage other than appealing to the fan base and the fact that he’s been jerking them around (retire, unretire retire, unretire) makes me very unsympathetic to him.

    Also, I think GB wants to go w/Rodgers even if Favre would be better this year. I think it has to do with the “Ewing Effect” and the fact that they want to begin planning for the future.

  14. I don’t know, I’m much for sympathetic towards Favre. Retirement has so much finality to it; it means he’ll never get to play competitive football again, the game he’s been playing since he’s a kid. If I were an aging superstar, I would totally hang on too long. If you love playing the game, why wouldn’t you try to stay in the league for as long as possible? I don’t blame him for having second-thoughts — I know I would feel the same way. So, while I don’t think he should strong-arm his way towards directing where he plays (although I think that you guys are reading way too much into his actions, putting it in much too negative a light), I don’t blame him for petitioning the league for reinstatement. And I also don’t think that he’s being quite as pushy as he’s been characterized here.

  15. Adam,

    Had he committed to staying at the end of last season he would be GB’s starter this year. He retired, they planned for a team w/out him and now he wants back in under his terms (as a starter). The decision to retire may be difficult but just decide already nothing changed other than the proximity to the season. I see how it’s hard to retire and that’s why guys play too long (so sad to see guys like Randy Johnson and Maddux pitch like crap) and I understand that emotion but the Packers owe him nothing more than his contractual rights and considering that he changes his mind every week they are in a difficult situation as well. They also have to be fair to Rodgers who has been having to endure this Favre roller coaster of indecision.

  16. Rob – I’m not saying the Packers owe him anything. I’m just saying I don’t blame Favre for not wanting to retire, and I’m emphathetic towards his having second thoughts. I don’t fault him for it.

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