Random Thoughts from The Home Run Derby

A Guest Post from Jeremy C – Our Home Run Derby Correspondent

Not lovin’ the new ballpark– Let me get this out into the open – not only am I a Mets fan – but a bitter one who utterly despises everything pinstriped.  So while I may be a bit biased, I have to say that Citi Field is looking a whole lot nicer than new Yankee Stadium. (Another caveat – I’ve only seen both parks from the outside.)  While I like the nod to the 1923 version of the ballpark in terms of the gold lettering on the outside, the rest kind of evokes a shopping mall parking garage gone wrong.  Maybe when they were digging up that Sox jersey, they added a wee bit extra concrete to prevent another such desecration.

Hail to the makers of Baby Ruth – The weather was pretty nice at the ballpark yesterday, but it’s still NYC in July.  When I got off the subway on River Ave, I was happily greeted by a man handing out free mini Baby Ruth bars.  Also, they were cold – came right out of a cooler.  On the flip side, there were credit card sign-up booths giving away free All Star Game blankets.  Like I said, the weather was fine, but NYC…July… blankets? Seems t-shirts or a beach towel might have been the smarter way to go.

Can somebody tie up Michael Kay and gag him?  – Last night would have been significantly better if Michael Kay was not doing the in-stadium announcing.  Chris Berman is sitting 50 feet from home plate, doing the live broadcast for ESPN, I’m not sure why the Yanks didn’t let him do his thing for the fans.  It might have to do with Kay’s ego, seeing how his intro included a plug for his radio show.

Josh Hamilton: Lone Star State Hero– Big guy, 95 RBIs at the break, 28 HRs in one round of the Derby, bouncing 500 footers off the wall in deep right field – is this guy perfect for the state of Texas or what?  I don’t know what he’s on, if anything, but the guy can flat out kill a ball.

NY fans– How many times has a bullsh*t chant been heard at a Home Run Derby?  What other fans can cause a player to curse on camera (see Utley, Chase) at what amounts to a celebrity exhibition event?  Also, there were a couple of guys sitting in front of us who were clearly celebrating the selling of Budweiser by downing a few kegs worth of Beck’s.  They were on their feet for every home run, screaming.  When Hamilton hit his longest of the night, many folks thought he cleared the stadium wall (I really don’t think he did) but the drunk duo were hysterical: “Oh my G-d!!! No one!! has ever!! done that!! before!!!!!!!!)

Missing the Hometown Hero – There really ought to be a Derby rule that the home team gets a slugger in there.  In cities with multiple teams, there should be one player from each.  Maybe they could even up the number of participants – there definitely a lot of room to speed things up to make up the time.

All in all – it was as expected – a night of “baseball light.” Kind of silly, but entertaining and fun.


2 responses to “Random Thoughts from The Home Run Derby

  1. I’m with you on the hometown derby hero thing. I also don’t know why the participants in the Derby are limited to All-Stars.

    You don’t think maybe Jason Giambi, Adam Dunn and other lefty mashers that didn’t make the team wouldn’t have a good time at Yankee Stadium?

  2. Noyam, I think it’s because the last thing Adam Dunn wants is to have to travel to NYC when he can take four days off hunting and crank calling JP Ricciardi.

    Especially since he ain’t getting the All-Star bonus.

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