Gripping Fear, Relief and Defeat

That was the range of emotion I went through this morning as I reached into my pocket for my wallet to get my metrocard and felt nothing.

Oh, crap.  Quick, back to the train, maybe it fell out.  Nope, not on the train.  Where did it go?  Did I have it this morning?  Was I robbed.  CRAP!  What was in there?  What do I need to cancel?  What a PAIN IN THE ASS.  Wait…maybe I didn’t take it with me.  Call the house.

“Hi, it’s Noam.  Can you check my night table and see if my wallet is there.”  “The brown one.  Yes, it’s here.”  “Thanks.”

Whew, it’s not lost.  Thank god.  But how did you forget tour wallet?  Idioooooot!  Oh, and now I have no money, no metrocard and no credit cards for the day.  What the hell am I gonna do?  This sucks. 

Thankfully, I have a friend who rides with me that could swipe me into the subway (not sure how I’ll get home, but today may be a good day to work late and take a car).  Even better, he suggested that today would be a perfect day for a summer lunch.  Just remember to bring another associate who can use his/her credit card.  I’m so happy that I ride the train with smart people.


4 responses to “Gripping Fear, Relief and Defeat

  1. Why didn’t you borrow a few bucks from someone?

  2. I don’t care if people think I’m nuts, but I always hit both of my pockets on the way out my door. Left pocket: Wallet. Right pocket: Phone, keys.

    In our old apartment once I waited an extra second, as I hit the right pocket noticed no keys, and just missed the door closing (and locking automatically) behind me. Now I make sure to do it first. 🙂

  3. Rob – I can, if I need to. We’ll see how the afternoon goes.

    Ezzie – the crazy thing is that I also do that, every time I get up, in case something fell out. I’m usually very meticulous about that, too. I must have been distracted this morning, or something. Not sure.

  4. I’m with Ezzie on this.
    My OCD makes me do the same. Before I walk out the door I go phone, keys wallet. I actually say it to myself as I hit the pockets. Yes, I am crazy.

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