Posada’s Shoulder

Jorge Posada isn’t catching anymore this season.  Whether he does anything else remains to be seen.  (Not really the point I’m getting at, but do you remember when I said that signing/extending Posada to a long-term deal was a mistake?  I do.)

Anyway, Posada has to decide if he’s going to have surgery, which will shut down his season completely, or play, essentially as a DH, for the rest of the season.  He can bat, he just can’t throw.

Here’s why I think the Yankees should be doing everything they can to convince him to get the surgery: the Yankees don’t need another DH.  They have Giambi, Sexson and Damon to rotate through that spot (and at 1B).  Posada at DH means that Sexson has a very limited role, Giambi plays most of the time at 1B and Damon all the time in LF, and Jose Molina is the everyday catcher.  That’s not really the ideal situation.  And with Posada hitting .268 with three homers and 22 RBIs in 168 at-bats this season, it’s not like his bat is so electrifying.

On the other hand, if he gets the surgery, they put him on the 60-day DL, replace him on the 40-man and 25-man roster with someone (anyone) and look into the trading market for a catcher.  There are a few available.  This way, Giambi/Sexson spend more time in the lineup, even with Damon in left.

Of course, the Yankees could be smart, ship Ian Kennedy, Melky Cabrera and whoever else (except maybe Hughes) to Colorado for Matt Holliday and Brian Fuentes, move Damon back to center, and be better up and down the lineup.  But that’s just dreams.  More likely, Posada will insist on not having the surgery, clogging the lineup and screwing the Yankees for this year and next.  Because not having the surgery now means probably having it in the offseason, and possibly not being ready to start next season.


6 responses to “Posada’s Shoulder

  1. That seems like a shitty package for Holliday and Fuentes. Look at what the Rangers gave up for Tex last year.

    Take a good hard look at the now available Gregg Zaun.

  2. I meant “look at what the rangers got for Tex last year”, of course.

  3. I know it would take more to get Holliday. I was just throwing it out there that getting him might be a good idea, considering that he’s a corner OF that bats righty…something the Yanks need.

    Supposedly the Rox are asking for Kennedy as the starting point just for Fuentes. That’s a bit much.

  4. Is Mo Vaughn still available? Dont the Mets still have him on payroll?

  5. true that – but only because fuentes is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year.

    the flipside is the price that the red sox paid to get gagne (who had put up good numbers as a closer with the rangers before he blew up in boston as a setup man) was actually steeper (but fuentes hardly has gagne’s history). a few months of gagne went for david murphy, kason gabbard and a stud in the low-minors named engel beltre. also, the d-backs gave a very solid prospect up for jon rauch (though rauch is controlled for longer).

  6. Given how Posada has been hitting this year, he’s not very useful as a DH. His value comes mostly from being a C who hits like a 1B, but that’s just not there this season. Get the surgery and get ready for 09.

    I wouldn’t trade Kennedy for a reliever who will either walk at the end of the year, or will cost too much. The bullpen has been the Yankees’ strongest asset this season and I’m not sure it needs a major upgrade. Certainly a lefty would help, but no need to make any crazy trades.

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