Riding With Noy G


OK, so I’m nowhere near the rider MoC is, but I needed a title.

As part of the regular exercise regimen that I’ve started, one of the things I do is ride my bike to the train, when I can, instead of driving my car.  Today was a day I couldn’t.  Why?

Because yesterday, one of the activities that was available at my firm’s annual outing was a bike tour.  So after getting in 18 holes of golf in the morning, I went for a nice 7.5 mile bike ride around the environs of the country club.  It was very nice (very little time spent on busy streets), but also a little hilly.  Unfortunately, I knew (with a basic knowledge of physics) that because I coasted the whole way without pedalling from the start to the exit from the country club (about .5 miles), that I was going to have to pump hard to get back.  And I was right.  The way down to the route was a nice coast.  After the route, to get back to the club, there were a couple of tough climbs.  I handled them pretty well, I think, and didn’t have to stop or catch my breath or anything.  But damn, were my legs sore this morning.  Today I drove to the train.

I’ve got a while to go before I can Ride with MoC, but every journey starts with a first step.


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