Maybe You Should Have To?

Check out the last line of this clip:

Look how the Senator says it like it’s funny, “you don’t have to pass an IQ test to be in the Senate, though, hehe,” and then the smile slowly fades from his face as he realizes what he’s just said.  “Yeah, Bill, being a Senator doesn’t mean you have to be smart.  I’m example A1 of that.  You and your elitist crap.  Not everyone is smart, Bill.  Look at me, I’m a complete idiot.  Oh, wait, that came out wrong.”

Side note about Bill Maher.  I totally agree with this comment on FilmDrunk:

Bummer thing is that about 75% of the time I agree with what Bill says, I just hate the way that he says it, like a total pompous concieted f—ing asshat.

Yup, that sums it up nicely.


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