You ever get the feeling that something special is about to happen?  Like your watching a baseball game, and you just feel it that something is going on?

I’m getting that feeling now.  By the time anyone reads this, we’ll know, but right now, the Yankees are playing the Blue Jays, and AJ Burnett has 6 strikeouts through 3 innings.  I don’t know why, but given the way the Yankees suck, tend to make pitchers look like Cy Young, I think this could be one of those mega strikeout games.  I’m talking like 16 or 17.  Maybe more.  Stay tuned.

Final tally: 13 in 8 innings.


5 responses to “Ks

  1. Very special game indeed by Johnny Damon. Special Olympics.

  2. It’s highlights like those that make me feel less sad about paying Carlos Beltran Super Star money for less than a Super Star bat – at least he plays a good center field.

  3. Leave Burnett alone – it’s not like striking out guys comes out of the blue for him. He was leading the league in K’s and K/9 even before the game on Tuesday. He’s been having one of his best years on the mound and has been dominant since the AS break.

    Now the Jays making Darrell Rasner look like AJ Burnett – that’s the REAL story!

  4. I wasn’t picking on Burnett. I was hoping to see something special, that’s all. It’s usually the strikeout pitchers that throw a lot of multi-strikeout games. (Clemens, Pedro, Kerry Wood, etc.)

  5. Cool. Because when you wrote “I don’t know why, but given the way the Yankees suck, tend to make pitchers look like Cy Young”, I thought you meant that the Yankees make very bad pitchers look very good.

    The Jays have been notorious (to the 6.5 people that follow the team) in making guys like Jarrod Washburn, Darrell Rasner, and Luke Hochevar look like Clemens, Pedro, Wood, etc… this season.

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