Fantasy Football 2008

I may have bitten off a lot, here, but this year I’m in three leagues.  There’s my regular pay league, there’s the J-Blogger league and there’s a third league that my friend joined hoping I would help him.  And of course I said I would.

The problem is that all three leagues have different scoring and set-ups.  One is an 8-team IDP league, one is a 10-team PPR league and one is a 12-team regular league.  Wonderful.  Three different sets of rankings and cheat sheets and even more to keep straight in my head.  And I only have a little bit of overlap in personnel.

This is going to be a fun season.

Some guys I really like this year: Darren McFadden (HUGE man-crush on him), Marshawn Lynch, Brandon Marshall (especially since the suspension got reduced to one game) and Calvin Johnson.   What’s very yay for me, is that I have all four in my pay league!!  Hooray!



One response to “Fantasy Football 2008

  1. Thread hijacking:

    The Blue Jays Own Yankee Stadium


    10:10 PM Eastern

    In relative terms, that is. With today’s win in the last game the Jays will ever play at The House
    That Ruth Built (but didn’t renovate), the Jays wind up 100-124 at The Stadium, which is good for a .446 winning percentage. In the overall, that’s not good. Put in 162-game terms, that’s a 72-90 record (or, the high-water mark for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays prior to this season), but no American League team has ever done better – or ever will.

    That’s right, kids, your Toronto Blue Jays have the best record ever in the history of anything as A.L. visitors to Yankee Stadium. The Baltimore Orioles can argue, because they’re 190-238 (.444) with three games remaining, and if they sweep those three games, their winning percentage at Yankee Stadium will be .448, but we’re talking FRANCHISE history, and that’s where the O’s lose big. The Orioles spent 53 seasons as the St. Louis Browns, and the Brownies sucked. In the overall, but especially at Yankee Stadium, where they went 92-236 for a phenomenal .280 winning percentage (in 162-game terms, that’s a 45-117 season). That mark drags the O’s down quite a bit.

    …. I’ll say it again – no American League franchise has ever been as successful as a visitor to Yankee Stadium as your Toronto Blue Jays. Ever. Nor will any franchise ever be.

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